Key LED light features to look for freshwater aquariums:

Now let’s go over the various steps in making your own LED lighting set for your home aquarium.
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LED lights commonly last 50,000 hours. Let’s put that number into perspective. In a normal scenario your LED aquarium lights are active for 8 hours per day, 365 days per year. In this case it would take just over 17 years until they needed to be replaced. If that fact hasn’t sold you, consider that T5, T8 and Hallide lighting will change spectrum over time. This can lead to increased algae growth and ineffective lighting. LED lights will maintain their spectrum for their entire life and do not need to be replaced.
New 2017 – LED Reef Aquarium Lighthighest performance level and maximum photochemical efficiency!
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• Less expensive than T5 lights when compared to the equivalent light energy of (2) T5 18 Watt lights & fixtures including, electrical usage, initial cost, T5 annual lamp replacement over the 5 year life of a 12 watt AquaRay LED light fixture. The AquaRay costs roughly $133 vs. $318 for the T5

This comparison can also be made 30 watt GroBeam/AquaBeam 2000 & 1500 to a Metal Halide of about 250-400 watts for which the electrical usage difference would be more than double the above figure and when adding in a chiller, which may no longer be needed, the savings adds to even more! The guide below will (hopefully) help you choose the best LED lighting for your aquarium.
Photo provided by Flickr"but the main question is ... is LED light suitable for aquarium?"
Photo provided by FlickrBefore buying any aquarium led lighting fixture, compare their spectrograph with ours.
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Over the last few years the aquarium hobby has seen a major shift in aquarium lighting, LED lighting is in, and traditional lighting is being replaced. This change has been most noticed in high output lighting sources, like and High Output , where the cost of operation, frequent bulb replacement and high heat emission made consumers eager for an alternative. As a result, the hobby has been flooded with high output, feature rich, fixtures for marine aquariums mostly focusing on the demands of reef aquariums and corals. These fixtures are much more affordable than the first generation.Marineland has had their and systems on the market for several years. These are fairly basic systems, good for general lighting purposes, offering daylight and moonlight features with manual control. But in 2012, Marineland upped their game for the freshwater hobbyist, and introduced their Aquatic Plant Lighting System. This new system is a high performance LED light for freshwater planted aquariums, based upon their successful platform, that has been on the market for several years. The has a built in 24hr digital timer and controller that automates the on/off and lunar light cycle. The light features 1watt 6,500K white daylight LEDs, as well as 3watt RGB (Red, Green and Blue in a single chip) LED to enhance the light spectrum specifically for plant growth. The blue component of the RGB also doubles as the lunar light when activated. This light fixture will not only provide for live plants, but will also enhance beautiful coloration in your freshwater fishes, and give the power needed for deeper freshwater aquariums. The Aquatic Plant Lighting system is available in 4 models, with adjustable mounting legs, that can fit on aquariums from 18” to 60” wide.Until recently, the freshwater side of the hobby has seen little attention from most lighting manufacturers, with what little was offered having few features and poor performance, but this is all starting to change. With advancements in LED technology and performance, some of the bigger aquarium lighting manufacturers are shifting their focus to LED over traditional lighting sources. Freshwater aquarium hobbyists are starting to see some cool new lights for their aquariums, with advanced features, high performance and affordability.One thing that all fish and aquarium plants need is a light source to stay alive. In this LED Aquarium Lighting Guide we will talk about the things to consider before buying a specific type of lighting, how to make your own LED aquarium light, the nuances of different kinds of lighting, and which LED light is best for your tank.