7. How to hang aquarium LED lights?

New 2017 – LED Reef Aquarium Lighthighest performance level and maximum photochemical efficiency!
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* For larger aquariums, consider combinations of different Aqua Ray LED Lights, such as (2) + (2) GroBeam 600s for a 125 gallon planted freshwater tank.
8. How high to hang LED aquarium lights?
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This may be the number one factor on your list when searching for LED lighting for your aquarium. Try not to just look at the dollar sign per system but break it down by the cost per LED. This way, you can use the formula to compare different setups and know exactly where your money is going. This will also help you see where the fixture ranks in value compared to the other products on the market. 9. How to dim LED aquarium lights?
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Highlighting the 2015 LED series for fresh- and saltwater aquariums, including high-performance strip lights, compact and powerful nano lights, remote control operation, ramp-timer compatibility, endless color blends and much more. For more information, visit Fluval USA at Incandescent lighting is still used in some aquariums, but more economical and visually pleasing options like fluorescent and LED are the norm. Fluorescent lighting is cooler, brighter and uses less electricity than incandescent. It is a common type of aquarium lighting, although LED is surpassing it in popularity. For peak performance, replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps annually. LED lights are the most economical and energy efficient and offer a wider range of lighting options.Fish rely on a regular day/night cycle for optimum health, however brightness is less important and too much light can cause algae growth. Live plants, on the other hand, need strong light (which is different than brightness level) and a broader spectrum for photosynthesis. Certain fluorescent lamps and LED bars can enhance the colors in fish and the overall appearance of your aquarium. Not long ago, LED lighting was simply used for moon lighting for aesthetic appeal, or it was used as a supplementary lighting source. Now LED lights have been developed into an adequate and sufficient source of lighting for all types of aquariums.If you have not heard about the benefits of using LED lighting for you aquarium then you are definitely in the right place. LED lighting is becoming one of the most popular choices for aquarium hobbyists. Aquarium LED lighting can be used in marine, reef and freshwater aquariums.The cylindrical is a unique and cutting edge approach to aquarium lighting. This lamp utilizes Dense Matrix LED technology to combine different light wavelengths to provide one uniform color. This little light measures 3.8 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter. Users can also select the desired spectrum of light from thousands of options and the intensity of the light with two tunable knobs. Kessil A360 provides plenty of UV light, no matter the spectrum. Plus, the lights offer that beautiful sunlit shimmering effect. Kessil lamps come with a pair of input/output ports allowing them to be daisy chained and connected to an external controller. When not using an external controller, the first Kessil A360 in the daisy chained series acts as the master control.