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The marine category encompasses a diverse array of attractive and intriguing species. Clownfish are a popular marine species known for their bright stripes and cheerful demeanor. Distinctive physical features make and Lionfish an interesting addition to a marine aquarium. Brackish species may not be as vibrant as tropical marine fish, but they are easier to care for. Large Scats and Archerfish are popular for big brackish tanks. Smaller brackish species include the Black Molly and the Bumblebee ..
This is the largest group of tropical fish species; those that belong to this category don't grow larger than two to three inches
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Most members of this category are large fish species that include cichlids and oscars. Plecostomus and other types of catfish can also become quite aggressive. In most instances, tropical fish species that are very aggressive cannot be mixed with community fish and even semi-aggressive species. One important contributory factor is the major difference in their sizes. The largest of this diverse order is the red cornetfish (Fistularia petimba), a long, thin species found in all tropical oceans.
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The water requirements varies from species to species with some such as the Goldfish and the White Cloud Mountain Minnow doing well in sub-tropical water temperatures. Some of these fishes get very large, such as the Tinfoil Barb and the Bala Shark. Others, like the Harlequin Rasbora and the Zebra Danio, stay on the small side.The Pink Kissing Gourami (Helostoma temminckii) is a large but extremely popular freshwater tropical aquarium fish. For beautiful photographs of numerous tropical fish species together with interesting facts and information about each type of tropical fish visit
This is the largest group of tropical fish species; those that belong to this category don’t grow larger than two to three inches. Some common community tropical fish species include tetras, guppies, danios, swordtails, mollies, and platies. It is recommended to keep at least three to five of their own species when placing them in your tank.Snakeheads are a large species of tropical fish popular among more experienced aquarists. Snakeheads get their name from their flattened shape and the scales on their head which are similar to those of most snakes. They are also characterized by their long dorsal and anal fins which run along the length of their bodies. Snakeheads are also known as Frankenfish, Channa and Monster Fish.Some tropical fish species, such as moray eels and large butterflyfish, have been known to survive for more than eight months without consuming any food, at which point they must begin feeding or they will invariably perish. Any aquatic organism (aside from filter feeders and those that gain their food energy from symbiotic algae) should show much gusto when they are feeding. If they do not, there will certainly be problems down the road in terms of long-term success.If you want information regarding the keeping and breeding of tropical fish the article database is a very good place to start. We have a constantly growing articles library with more than 300 articles about tropical fish, Tropical fish diseases and aquariums in general. Our Articles library contains large sections about cichlids and Betta fish We aim to offer articles targeting beginners as well as experienced tropical fish keepers. The beginner will find useful articles about Aquarium decoration, Aquatic plants, Fish food, freshwater Fish diseases and Invertebrates side by side with more specialized articles for the more advanced aquarium keeper.