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Aquarium owners who are new to the hobby can often be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices in front of them when it comes time to stock a new tank. Often times without doing the proper research, these newbies will often go to one of the larger chain pet stores looking for a new aquatic friend or two, which is when the problems usually begin. Unless that buyer is specifically looking for a certain fish, often times the employees at these pet stores are going to push whatever fish are on "sale" or that they have a "special" on. This is not to say that all of them do this. I have a few personal friends who are adamantly against this, but at the same time they want to keep their jobs and must do what the managers ask of them. Another route is when the new fish owner picks out the type of fish that they like and the employee can give misguided information on just how large the fish may get at full size.
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Never purchase fish without knowing enough about them to determine how well they are likely to do in your particular aquarium. Often, hobbyists find themselves leaving a pet store with a fish that they just couldn't pass up without having any idea what it eats, how large it gets, or if it has any unusual care requirements. While it is always fun to acquire a new fish, doing it haphazardly can be disastrous and costly. Grateful Pet Supplies has a large variety of venomous pet fish in Charlotte NC
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Photo provided by FlickrA visit to any large aquarium or pet store will reveal an astonishing variety of fish -- a couple hundred species or more
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When I first began to research the Asian arowana, one name kept coming up: Kenny the Fish, aka Kenny Yap. He is the kingpin at the center of the glamorous world of Asian aquaculture. He is the owner of one of the largest ornamental fish farms in Asia and notorious in Singapore for posing nude behind intricately placed aquatic pets. When I showed up at his farm he was seated behind a pink and turquoise desk under the inevitable photographs of him posing nude with strategically placed pet fish. Mutant goldfish: Pet fish dumped in rivers are harming the natural ecosystem after growing up to 10 times their regular size.

Big goldfish and koi carp are being caught in the waterways of Western Australia.

Incredible images show how the aquarium fish have turned into river monsters and an expert warns they are driving native fish to extinction.

Dr David Morgan, the Director of the Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research at Murdoch University, said:
"Effectively people are unknowingly doing it but they're basically released by pet owners."

"People aren't really aware what damage they're going to have in the ecosystem."

"What you see up and down Western Australia's coast is a lot of pest fishes are right in town centres and almost every town has one."

Dr Morgan told the Daily Mail the fish are much larger than the native species, such as crayfish, so they prey on them.

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Blog: Other regions, particularly the East and Southeast, have run into problems with pet store releases. The Northern Snakehead has made inroads in those areas and is prohibited from being sold in Michigan because it preys on and displaces native species, such as largemouth bass, as well as would “likely cause significant harm to our fisheries,” Herbst said.Got an algae problem? Get a plecostomus. That is often the solution to many folks’ algae issues, rather than determining what is causing the algae in the first place. The plecostomus is such a popular fish that even the largest discount retailer in the world stocks them for sale in their aquariums. But they are often always small specimens no more than three or four inches in length. Beware this fish. It will grow big. Very big. Most beginners start off with a 20 to 30 gallon fish tank. Adding a plecostomus to such a tank is like housing a killer whale in a swimming pool. The plecostomus can grow to 12 inches and larger. I’ve seen huge specimens (former pets that were released) schooling in Manoa creek on O’ahu, dining on algae). And not to mention, they are gross polluters, meaning, they poop a lot.