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Red Marlboro Discus Fish For Sale Larger Size 3.5 - 5
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Our Discus wholesale facility has thousands and thousands of beautiful Discus Fish for Wholesale and Retail Sales. We can fill the largest order within 24 to 48 hours. Discus Hans USA also offers for the serious hobbyist and seasoned Tropical Fish Breeders. We have hundreds of customers all over the country that swear by our.
large discus fish for sale
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Click on thumbnail photos below to view the larger photograph and similar photographs with captions. The photos show just a few of the many beautiful strains of discus that we have for sale at our discus hatchery. All photos were taken at our hatchery. The fish photographs on this page were taken with a Canon Power Shot G1 camera, a , a Sony Cyber-shot camera or a LARGE DISCUS FISH FOR SALE :
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Freshwater fish at The Ocean Floor represents the largest section of the store; with 10,000 gallons in 160 tanks containing livestock for sale, over 5,000 gallons of display only, a pond built into the middle of the floor, and a 3,000 square foot section of the store called the “Tropical Fish Room”. But it makes sense that freshwater fish would comprise a large percentage of our store because not only are there more species and selection in that category of the hobby, but there is also a larger number of fish keepers devoted to keeping freshwater environments. Though worldwide the ratio of freshwater to saltwater volumes leans heavily toward the salt, the actual areas where aquarium-suitable species are found are not that different in total size.This photo of the red spotted ruby discus fish was taken in my discus hatchery and is an actual red ruby discus fish for sale. This is one 0f the most copied photos used to show what a top notch red spotted discus, or leopard type, looks like. I have granted permission to many legitimate discus web sites to use my photo. My red spotted ruby discus fish for sale is one of the more popular discus types due to excellent shape and color. I do realize some discus importers use the name red ruby on generic red spotted discus fish types including crosses. I do not sell the common discus fish color forms such as the blue diamond discus or pigeon blood discus. I am a discus fish breeder and importer with a definite focus on the latest new strains developed by world class discus breeders. Obviously the red ruby discus fish for sale is not a common color form and is considered a designer discus strains. In order to maintain high standards of quality, the smallest size red ruby discus fish for sale is three inches. At this size the red ruby discus fish show nice color development, the red spots are all in, and the grade and quality is easily immediately obvious. At this size and larger the red ruby discus fish ships really well. Most of my discus fish for sale are young 3" and 4" size. However, I also offer a nice selection of large mature adult discus fish for sale. I am a full time discus fish breeder and importer. I feed my discus fish several times daily. My discus fish are kept in clean aquariums and receive large, frequent water changes. I am extremely particular about my discus and those who have visited me will tell you how well my discus fish and the facilities are maintained. Feel free to set up a visit if you are out my way. Mahalo, RodHawaii time is five hours earlier than the central time zone in the US.You can contact me by email or give me a telephone call to discuss current availability and the prices of my discus fish. Hawaii time is five hours earlier than the central time zone in the US. I welcome visitors.