Sponge Bob Square Pants Large Betta Fish Tank

This is an amazing tank for a betta fish!!! Large, spacious, plenty of hiding places, and heated!
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Adult male and female betta fish also differ in size if you take finnage into account. Males possess larger fins than females, however, their bodies at adulthood are generally the same size (average length). A male’s fins simply make them larger and longer in overall appearance. Males also tend to have thicker bodies than females.
If the betta fish aquarium is 2.5 gallons or larger, you should probably provide a filter.
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They are usually kept for feeding larger fish, but they can be considered suitable roommates for bettas as well; their shorter fins and faded colors are less likely to attract a betta to fight them. Beautiful Large Fins Blue/Green Fancy Halfmoon HM Imported Male Betta Fish #HM77
Photo provided by FlickrThese are short-tailed betta fish. They are larger and stronger and less prone to injury.
Photo provided by FlickrOur new homes for our Betta fish - Large brandy glass, Amazonian water lily and natural pebbles!
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Myth: Wild bettas live in tiny mud puddles and thus do not require clean water or space.
Reality: The wild ancestors of today's domesticated Betta splendens yield from rice paddies, swamps, wetlands, and shallow ponds in South East Asia. These bodies of water, though shallow, are quite expansive; rice paddies typically span many acres. Male bettas form sizeable territories during breeding season, sometimes as large as a square meter, and are only found in "puddles" during the dry season - a time of year where many bettas will die due to crowding, poor water quality, and inadequate food supply. It is also noteworthy that these bodies of water, though dark from taninns in fallen leaves, are not unclean - plant life provides a sort of natural filtration, and the replenishing of water during the wet season maintains a healthy, clean aquatic environment. The suggestion that bettas or any fish thrive in filthy water is contradictory to logic. This is the tank I bought for my Betta fish, Sushi. It's 2.5 gallons and it came with a lighted lid, a divider, so you can have two Betta fish and a filter. I already had one plant and made the two larger ones by taking apart some silk flowers and remaking them to the size I wanted. Sushi loves his new home. There's so much more room to swim in. Breeders around the globe are continuously developing new varieties of Betta fish – including working to introduce the same range of colors in that had previously only been available in male bettas. Another a recent addition to the betta family is the Giant betta, which was developed in 1999. Two very large betta fish were located and bred, and their offspring was bred again and again to establish a line of Giant Bettas, which are significantly larger than standard betta fish.Betta fish are beautiful and calming to watch. Unlike most tropical fish, Bettas breathe by gulping air from the surface of the water. This allows them to live in non-aerated bowls and aquariums. Male Bettas will fight if kept together, but females can cohabitate in a large aquarium.You can get small tanks that come with dividers which will allow you to keep two in the same tank. Many keep them in a small betta fish bowl and they may live for a while in these small bowls. However, to get the most beautiful colors and optimal health for your fish, they will do better in a 10 gallon or larger betta aquarium with a heater that can maintain a constant temperature in the aquarium. If you plan on keeping yours in a small betta aquarium, please read the page for ideas on equipment needed. Also check out the article written by COBC for the magazine that lists the equipment needed to keep a betta. Peaceful if given the right tank mates. They will become aggressive with other Bettas. They may also become aggressive towards other tropical fish with large fins such as guppies, and others.