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Plants are an important part of any Koi fish pond. Not only do they make a pond look more natural and pleasing, but they can have a very positive effect on water quality. For more information, please read our page on .
Koi Information A Koi is unlike any other fish you will meet.
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You’ll find that koi happen to be fish that are non-aggressive, which is a great piece of koi fish information. Since they don’t have a problem with aggression, you can easily add other types of fish to your pond without a problem. The only problem may be that the koi tend to eat fast so some of the other fish could end up lacking for food. Koi Fish Information - The Koi Essentials |
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Koi fish, also known as the swimming jewels of the Orient, are kept in outdoor ponds all over the world. The hobby has flourished in the past few decades, creating one of the most unique and interesting niches in the world. Each year, thousands of ponds are constructed in backyards. Koi keeping in itself is an art form, use this website to expand your knowledge. This is a free, educational site with up-to-date information on Koi fish.If you’re interesting in learning more koi fish information, it’s a good idea to look at the basic history. You may be surprised to find that they are a mixed breed. By breeding various types of carp, including German and Asian Carp, these lovely fish were first produced. By using selective breeding through the years, they were able to create a variety of different color patterns and mutations. As early as the year 1805, there are records of some of the color patterns showing up.Are you considering adding a nice koi pond to your backyard? If so, it’s definitely a great idea to first learn some basic Koi fish facts. More and more people are learning about koi and adding them to their lives today. However, most people don’t know about the history or other basics of these lovely koi. Before you decide to create your own pond for enjoyment, here is a look at some of the basic koi fish information that you should know.A piece of koi fish information that many people don’t know is that these fish are actually omnivorous. This means that they eat plants and they eat meat. Since they are so versatile, they’ll eat about anything that is given to them, even if it isn’t something good for them. This is why it is so important that owners carefully keep their diets well controlled. Overfeeding can also be a big problem so it’s important to learn koi fish information on how often you should feed them and how much you should feed. They do not know how much they should eat, so you have to avoid giving them too much.Understanding how koi grow is important. You may be surprised to find out that they’ll keep growing until they reach the size for their breed and growth usually doesn’t depend on the environment. This is important koi fish information to know before you build your own pond for them. While some of the babies may be only 3 inches long, some of the Jumbo Koi are actually known to get over three feet long. However, usually you’ll find that the average size is about two feet long.My name is Adam Boyle and I’ve been an enthusiastic fish lover for as long as I can remember. I started Koi Fish Information as a free resource for others who wish to learn more about owning and caring for these beautiful fishes.