Can I bring my koi in from outside for the winter and put them in my community Fishtank?
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How to Care for Koi Fish
There is no wonder that many aquarists prefer to keep koi fish, as they are among the most beautiful pond fish of all time. However, taking care of koi fish requires understanding about their basic requirements. Because they are marine fish, they need special attention like a correct sized pond or fish tank for free movement, water quality, and correct feeding. Hence, prior to purchasing koi fish for your pond, you can gather information regarding their special needs and optimal conditions (temperature level and light conditions) for rearing them.
Divide the tank gallonage by 100. This is the fish load limit (measured in the number of 12-inch koi).
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Be aware that koi are jumpers. You must keep some kind of netting over the tank top or I guarantee you will find dried fish lying around the living room floor. Koi, Butterfly koi fish, shubukin & tiger pleco in a indoor community tank.
Photo provided by FlickrButterfly Koi fish tank feeding - YouTube
Photo provided by FlickrButterfly Koi fish tank feeding ..
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my 225 gallon koi fish tank. this tank was once a frag tank, but i am now using it as a koi tank.

5' long X 4' wide X 1.5' tall

housing about 100 koi fish fry and 15 mosquito fishesHow to breed koi fish part 1. this is my first step in breeding koi fish

How to breed koi step 1
In this video, I show how to choose breeder koi and placing them in the breeding tank. as you see the female breeder showa doitsu is already matured and ready to breed by looking at it the tummy is swollen. the two male is a doitsu shiro beko and doitsu hariwake koi.
aduna usab akoy bisaya bersion sa pag breed og koi basaha lang dire palihog

how to breed koi
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how to breed japanese koi fish Breeding your koi is not a decision to take lightly. It is definitely not something you can accomplish in a weekend! You need to realize that breeding koi will be a long-term investment of both time and money. The prime time to breed koi is from April until July, so if it is later in the year when you are reading this, all the better. You will have plenty of time to plan and prepare for koi fish breeding.

Healthy Koi Mean Healthy Offspring
You will need healthy koi for breeding, of course. Pick your healthiest Koi for this venture, as this will assure that they are able to spawn offspring that will be of high quality. Choose koi that are around 25 cm in length. This will ensure that the fish are sexually mature. Your Koi male needs to be about three years old and no more than five years old. The female koi should be around four to six years old. Interestingly, the age of the female Koi has a lot to do with how hard the shells of her eggs will be. Thin-shelled eggs may not live, while eggs from a female older than five will have such hard shells that the sperm from the male is not able to penetrate them.

Time is of the Essence
Once you have picked out the fish you want to breed, it is best if you do not rush into breeding right away. Take some time to feed up and condition your fish so as to assure yourself of good results. Set up a tank or a pond for spawning, and then place one male and two females in this area when they are ready for best spawning results.

Signs of Spawning
The white, raised spots on the pectoral fins and on the head can help you spot males who are ready to spawn. These are called breeding tuberdes, and if you were to touch them, you would find that they feel rather rough, something like a day old growth of facial hair. The breeding tuberdes are used by the mail to try to encourage the female to spawn.