Can Koi and Goldfish Breed? Sheldon – Huntington, KY

Read on to find out more about the differences and similarities between koi carp and goldfish.
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These fish are wildly variable: no two individuals look alike. Most species have wild splashes of orange, red, blue and green across their bodies, making them riots of unique color. I’ve found some that were bright yellow, almost albino. Unlike goldfish and koi, they also have a lot of personality. They do more than simply roam the pond hoping for pellets. They can be quite spunky, developing territories and creating areas. In ponds with substrate bottoms, the males will dig a small pit, called a redd. He’ll create a harem, and invite females into the redd to spawn.
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Can Koi and goldfish live together in the same pond?
Yes, Koi can goldfish are both docile and can live together. They can live any species of fish that is considered "docile". Put together your order of Koi, Butterfly, Goldfish and Imported Goldfish, Fish Food and more.
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Although goldfish and koi carp are sometimes kept together in the same pond, and are related, the two types of fish are actually different species.So, if you’re wondering whether koi eat other fish and if it’s safe to keep goldfish and koi carp together, this article will answer all of your questions…While goldfish and koi are very different and quite distantly related, it can be difficult for the uninitiated to tell the difference between the two. However, it is not difficult to tell koi from goldfish once you know what you’re looking for.If you notice that your goldfish are not surviving alongside your koi or seem to be disappearing from the pond – and if your goldfish are small enough to fit in the koi’s mouth – then it may be that your koi are eating them. However, there are other possible explanations for your goldfish disappearing…The koi carp and the goldfish are actually fish from the same species family, and while there are of course significant differences between them, they also have a lot of similarities. But this won’t stop larger fish from trying to eat smaller ones!Koi may grow around 1 meter in length, and come in more metallic and sharply red colors than many types of goldfish. The body of a koi is longer and more cylindrical in proportion and shape than a goldfish, which has a more laterally compressed body with bigger fins. Koi use their barbels to dig for food, and cause much greater disturbance to the bottom of their pond or aquarium. They require much larger tanks or ponds than goldfish, and may live for over 60 years.Two species of carp are often kept in ponds and larger home aquariums. Both are Asian in origin and appear superficially similar. Goldfish are actually descended from crucian carp, while the koi have barbels, grow longer, and are in fact a fancy domesticated version of the common carp. Although more widely known in the wild, the koi fancy is more “elite” than the goldfish scene, with millions of dollars being invested in the finest fish.Unfortunately, koi are boisterous and have a habit of jumping. This can result in their death in a pond setting, while feral carp may injure boaters as they jump. Both goldfish and koi are technically edible, but their popularity as food is especially limited in the Western world. Neither fish have true teeth, so hand-feeding any size of specimen is safe. Their throat plates serve as crushers to mash up food prior to swallowing.