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guide to estimating an aquarium's capacity in comparison to a koi's size.
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The best combination of nine fish in an aquarium is eight goldfish or Arrowana fish (often referred to as a dragon fish and is best used in a koi pond due to grown size of over four feet) and one black-colored goldfish (black moor).
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First of all, if you are growing koi fish in an aquarium, they will only grow to the size of their environment. When I say this it doesn’t mean that if your tank is a foot long, your koi will grow to be a foot long as well. Picture that, it would look pretty sad, your koi wouldn’t even be able to really turn in the aquarium. What I mean by this, is that it will only grow to the potential of its environment. What happens with growing koi fish in an aquarium it stunts their growth. So your koi won’t grow to be as big as they should. The environment plays a big part on the growth of your koi. Oct 11, 2007 - First of all, if you are growing koi fish in an aquarium, they will only grow to the size of their environment
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Since koi are such large fish, they should not be kept in aquariums, but they're perfect for outdoor ponds where they can stretch out and grow to their maximum size, which can be 2 feet long for some koi. Since goldfish are much smaller, about 18 inches long, it won't be long until the koi fry outgrow their adult goldfish counterparts. Make sure the pond is large enough to accommodate both types of fish.Koi are most commonly kept in outdoor freshwater ponds, but can sometimes be kept in very large aquariums. Wild koi can reach a maximum size of about 50 inches (1 meter or more) and so you mustkeep this in mind when determining where to house your koi. Don't attempt to keep koi in an aquarium that is toosmall for them!To keep Koi fish in an aquarium, you want to try to replicate their natural environment, just like you would do with any other fish. Koi fish require very clean fast-moving water, highly-oxygenated water, and they need a very large environment. They get very, very large. Even though freshwater fish, their size will be limited to the size of the aquarium, their growth will be very stunted; their gill plates will keep growing, their fins will keep growing. They’re going to get a hunchback appearance to them. You want to go with a very large aquarium. I don’t recommend Koi for a small aquarium; when I mean small, anything less than 200 gallons. The Koi will just outgrow that, they’re not going to be happy in there.I used the Panasonic DMC-LX3 camera to shoot this video. The resolution and quality is the highest possible and it was in Dynamic mode.

The video shows two Koi fish in a 180l aquarium. This is a temporary house for them before being released to a beautiful pond.

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