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Out in the daylight for a change. My gorgeous Black Ghost Knife Fish
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The black ghost knifefish is a weakly electric fish as a result of the electromotor and it possesses. While some fish can only receive electric signals, the black ghost knifefish can both produce and sense the electrical impulses. occurs when a specialized electric organ found in the tail of the fish generates electrical signals, which are thus called (EODs). Then, for these EODs to be sensed by the fish, occurs when groups of sensory cells embedded in the skin, known as electroreceptor organs, detect the electrical change. The EODs are used for two major purposes: and communication.
Will a Albion sailfin pleco be okay in the same rank as a black ghost knife fish ?
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Image: Fluid mechanics models showing how the black ghost knifefish’s vertical jets form and push upward on its body. Credit: Journal of the Royal Society Interface. This is my Black Ghost Knife Fish named Tilak. His over 5 years old and super friendly like a dog.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Ghost Knifefish--I always enjoyed these guys in my tanks.
Photo provided by Flickr"Can black ghost knife fish give an electric shock?"
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Black Ghost Knifefish (Apteronotus albifrons) …a species of ghost knifefish (Apteronotidae) that occurs in South America, ranging from Venezuela to the Paraguay and Parana rivers. A. albifrons typically inhabits rapidly flowing creeks, typically with sandy bottoms.A: How big are the babies? I'd take them out right now so the parents would not be tempted. I'm unaware of any black ghost spawnings, so keep me informed. Baby black ghosts hit the market at 1.5 to 2 inches long. If you have friends like some of mine, they would sneak in baby black ghost knife fish to tweak me. Any chance of a photo? I'll add your report to my black ghost page. LAA: Not every fish fits the mold. Most do. Yours certainly doesn't. You may want to give him one more shot by mixing him with four to five-inch American cichlids. I'm including your report on my black ghost knife fish page. LAThey are very popular in the aquarium hobby due to their strange shape and movement. The Black Ghost Knifefish navigates itself by rippling its head to tail underside fin in a constant rhythm. Aside from the two white strings on its tail and a white stripe on its nose, the Black Ghost Knife is jet black without scales. Unknown to most beginner hobbyists the Black Ghost Knife Fish demands a very large aquarium and can continue to grow in size until it reaches its maximum length of 20”.The Black Ghost Knifefish is an unusual freshwater aquarium fish that originates from South America near the Amazonian Basin. It belongs to the Ghost Knife Fish family and is capable of both producing and sensing electric signals in the water.Ghost Knife Fish can be very shy when introduced to the aquarium. As mentioned before, they are nocturnal creatures and generally are most active at night. It will take a number of days to weeks for the Ghost Knife to recognize you as it’s food supply, at which point the Ghost Knife should become more active during feeding times. They are infamous for being very tame and ‘pettable’. It is not recommended to touch any of your aquarium inhabitants to restrict disease and injury.