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Kids love to sit by the tank and watch the fish dart in and out of the plants and rocks.
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Having a fish tank for your kids can also have the added benefit of teaching them to take care of their responsibilities at very early age. Make sure that if you do buy an aquarium for your children that they are the ones primarily taking care of them. It certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help your kids feed the fish or clean the fish tank, but ensure they are always present when you do it and show them the proper ways of taking care of the fish. If they become too lazy to do it themselves after awhile, you should at the very least encourage them to give you a hand. You will also need to teach your kids not to overfeed the fish, and to make sure they have clean water when required.
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The biggest issue with having a fish tank in your house along with kids is if they get too playful at times. You need to ensure fish are in a safe place and that the tank can’t simply fall off if hit by a ball or some similar toy. Having a very small fish tank may be enough living space for one or two goldfish, but if you can make the room it’s suggested that you purchase a decently sized aquarium, or at the very least put it out of harms way and make sure it’s stable. Clam Shell Action Bubble aquarium ornament novelty kids oyster fish tank sea
Photo provided by Flickr"Blowing" fish tank is one of many cool aquariums your kids might like.
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Check out this review of a magical fish tank. It comes with 3 tropical clown fishes and once all set up they like to swim freely. A beautiful fish tank ideal for kids bedrooms or any lounge. All you have to do is fill the tank with water and add some washing up liquid. Then add the fishes and turn on the power button. The electric motor provides a fan blowing the water and in turn the fishes swim about magically. You can't even tell that there is a motor as it is so quiet!

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Lots of zoo animals Build your own aquarium (Fish Tank) with your kids following the instructions. It’s fun and productive. Here is a step-by-step procedure from Crafts for Kids, for making the perfect aquarium for your living room.For kids, caring for a home aquarium can be a very rewarding hobby. Fish tanks allow a child to experience a little piece of nature right in their own home. The glass of the tank is like a window to another world, a peek beneath the surface of a lake or stream.