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We were buying some cheap koi at the local WalMart and she said they had a 90 day warranty. Keep the receipt and the fish and return it for a replacement fish.
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Walmart koi cost from $5-$7, depending on the walmart I have found. My first walmart koi cost me $7, I think. It was 5-6 inches long, and in with around 100 other fish. This was probably 4 years ago. Maybe 5. Bathroom Glass Vessel Sink Koi Fish Waterfall Faucet Combo - Walmart
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One night, my husband and I went to Walmart to get fish for our 200-gallon fish tank. We started out with a Koi fish and a Plecostomus. They both lived okay. Two weeks later, I bought 2 angel fish and 6 gold fish. They're okay. Still two more weeks later, I bought two more Koi fish and 8 Glofish. It has been at least two months now and my fishes are doing wonderful! The manager was very curious and friendly, told us an exceptional amount of information about the fishes and said if we have any die they would have no problems replacing any fish that die. They are all healthy and there were no dead floating fishes. So to all who have complaints, I feel for you but I will recommend Walmart in Ottumwa, Iowa.Even though this fish turned out being "alright" compared to the typical walmart koi, this one was a longshot to start with. I had no other fish to compare it to as to how it would finish and what it would possibly look like int he future. THe sumi that was present at the time I purchased looked nice and glossy, but went down once it went into my pond, and as of last summer when I sold it to a friend to use as a breeder, still hadn't come back up. THe ginrin was powerful, however, which is why it still has some use.~Thanks depends on the walmart, I have found. They get fish locally. Our local walmart and 3 pet stores and landscape nursery all received koi from the same place, a few years back. I actually had a decent sanke from walmart that had excellent ginrin; junichi, a poster here and now koi judge had positive comments about it. I do think it's slim pickins, though.I have been Hired at Wal-Mart for 1 year. I have received MANY compliments from the people about the Fish. I decided I'd apply to save these Fish. I am at the Bismarck, North Dakota Walmart, Currently. I am well-educated about Fish Keeping. I have Re-Arranged some Fish that Weren't Compatible, And I was the FIRST WORKER to put the RIGHT filter in! I treat these Fishies like My OWN! I Love Them! I also Help with the Tanks, Decor, Most Importantly the Daily Watch and Feeding. I am glad I got this job, now These Fishies have a safe home. Also, I have spoken with the manager, And he has agreed to have a minimal amount of fish. We have 3 Koi. in a 30 gallon tank. That is my average goal. I was, However not allowed to Do ANYTHING with the Comet Goldfish :( I have over 50 in a ten gallon. And I know first hand about this "Saving the Fish" Crap. For every fish sold, I am to Mark it for how many Are to be shipped. The goldfish now have a seperate Water filter, so do all the different Cichlids. That is all I could do. The Bettas, Are in 1/4 gallon Cups, and I change water daily. I also give them Oxygen for 1/2 hr. a Day. That is More then they may ever get in their Life. So that is sufficient for Wal-mart, Not for Me. I am not a "Walmart Fanboy". But I at least have Enough Confidence to Tell someone NOT TO BUY THERE FISH. I am sick of Wal-Marts Fish areas. Once again, That is why I got this Job. To "Up the Appearance in Bismarck's South Wal-Mart.I bought two koi at Walmart. They had them mixed in with all the other goldfish. You really have to study them at first to tell which is which. And oddly enough, I bought a dozen goldfish at the bait shop for $2.00 and they are far prettier than the Wally Koi.Some are better than others. There is a Home Depot near me that has an excellent garden center, most are awful. There is a Wal*Mart near a friend of mine (who is a very experienced goldfish/koi keeper) where they do an excellent job but I've never seen a Wal*Mart that didn't have horrible foul fish tanks. It is very sad. At least they don't have baby turtles like when I was a kid....