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How to Treat Fin Rot: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
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My fish has fin rot. I have been looking up all this information latley. My fishes name is kirby I was walking in walmart and I saw the poor guy in really bad water so I rescued him he has a two gallon tank it had a filter but it complelty destored his bubble nest so I took it out. His fins are black and ripped I got silk pants I change his water every two weeks. I got betta fix with no luck I bought him a heater so his water is at a constant 77-79 degrees I put the auqarium salt in with water conditioner I recently just went to a fish store named fish for u which they specialize in fresh water fish and got this medicine named tetracyclane. This is just my first time owning a fish and I am trying my hardest to make him better but all the information I get from the internet is all different is there anything else I could be doing?!?! And also how do you know when the fin rot is cured? I am just really confused and any information would be really helpful I just dont want him to die. :( also if anyone could tell me what type of filter I should get would be very much appreciated I had a whisper filter that came with the tank and I read on the internet that if I dont have one that I can control the settings it could have to much current and I was also noticing that his bubble nest were getting destroyed and that he was getting pushed around alot. So is an under ground gravel a better one for him? Please any info will help!
Thank you!
Jun 26, 2013 - How to identify, diagnose, prevent and cure fin rot in betta fish. A detailed look at fin rot and how to treat and prevent this betta disease.
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- does fin rot cure? Yes it does
- how log does it take? Its different for every fish.
- is melafix the best medicine? I dont think we have melafix in australia...Just Go to your local aquarium and fish shop and ask for their best medication for fin rot. I cant remember the one i have always used but they will be able to help you. I always leave my medication in the tank for as long as possible. Do not change the water. Just top up the tank as it evaporates. The medication i use turns the water a blue colour. Put him in a small tank..anything less then 5litres as you then wont have to use as much medication. Once you are sure that the fin rot is gone you can then change the water in the tank. Also sometimes bamboo can rot in a tank and this can effect a fish. Make sure the leaves are above the water and the bamboo will be fine.
- Are bonito fish flakes ok to feed bettas? They are fine but you shouldnt keep him on them forever...try and get him to change over to the proper betta pellets...try making them sink to make him chase them. Im sure once he gets one in his mouth and tastes it he will then eat them. Bettas * Fish Illness: Fin Rot - Velvet Dragon
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If prevention of fin and tail rot has failed you, you hadn’t yet learned how to prevent it, or you just managed to buy a fish already suffering from fin rot, don’t worry. Fin rot treatment is easy and medications are readily available from local fish stores and online vendors. In most cases treatment for fish fin rot is as easy as dropping some tablets or drops in the water. In my experience, the most effective fin rot medications come from Mardel. Mardel makes a variety of very effective fin and tail rot medications such as Maracyn, Maracyn-Two, Maracyn Plus Antibacteria and Tetracycline. I have found that doing a partial water change before adding the medication yields faster and better results. This is especially true if you are dealing with betta fin rot or gold fish fin rot. Betta and goldfish fin rot can also be combated by raising the temperature a few degrees along with the fin rot medication. Cooler water can sometimes provide better conditions for the fin rot bacterium. I recommend keeping fin and tail rot treatment on hand at all times. In my experience, it seems that problems in the fish tank are usually noticed after normal business hours or on weekends when getting the right meds can be hard. Knowing how to identify and properly cure fin rot is important to all hobbyists. Make certain to read and closely follow the directions for any fin rot medicine.I have a betta fish with fin rot. The tail is white colored a little bit at the end of the tail. How can I safely save this fish? What can I use to cure fin rot? I put Melafix in the tank yesterday but the white stuff came back on the tail.