Mar 20, 2017 - How to Care for a Betta Fish in a Vase

Learning how to take care of a Betta fish properly is easy and fun for beginners!
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Betta is a tank fish and its maintenance is quite easy. However, it does need some care and you should be attentive to its heath. A sick Betta is easy to spot since naturally the fish is very active and vibrant. If you have had the fish for a while you will be able to spot immediately when they feel sick.
how to care for a betta fish
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Once you know how to care for a betta fish, please spread this information to other caretakers. Over time we can help reduce the prevalence of misinformation out there. Betta fish deserve the right to live a long and healthy life in captivity. Thank you. How to care for Betta Fish:
Photo provided by FlickrBetta fish are some of the most mistreated fish in the world. In this instructable i will show you how to properly care for them.
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Betta Fish (also known as Siamese fighting fish) are one of the most popular freshwater fish for fish keepers, and are perfect for beginners. Originating from Thailand, these beautifully coloured fish are relatively easy to care for. However, as with all aquarium fish, there are certain things you need to know. That’s where we come in. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about caring for a Betta fish.Following these simple steps your betta should have a happy 2 – 3 years with you. However they than this (sometimes up to 10) if you keep them happy and give them the perfect environment. I feel there is enough information spread across the various Betta fish care guides on this site to help you achieve these longer lifespans.Betta fish care is easy and family friendly. Bettas like 5 gallons of water, however they can live happily in a little less. We recommend the bigger the better. There is a myth that betta fish can live happily in tiny jars – this is untrue! 5 gallon is perfect but I have heard stories from many betta owners of happy fish in 2-3 gallon tanks, please do not go lower than that.

Add in a few ornaments and plants for appeal but be careful not to choose anything with sharp edges, the fins of betta fish are very fragile and we don’t want and cuts or tears.How to Properly Care for a Betta Fish This instructable will teach you how to properly care for a betta, a beautiful and hardy fish ideal for a ...The Biggest Crime Against Betta Care? - The betta in a bowl!There is a very commonly held misconception that a betta can be kept in a tiny, unfiltered bowl, sometimes with a lily plant, and the fish can live in harmony with the plant, providing nutrients for the lily while the fish lives off the roots.
This is absolutely wrong!

It is because in a time of drought, they have been found surviving in little more than a water filled hoof print. And because they are a labyrinth fish, they have the ability to breathe oxygen from the air much like us. However, they are a fish with gills. It's true that they should have access to the air and like to breathe regularly from it even when they have no need, but they do prefer to breathe water naturally.Saying they can live in a tiny bowl where the water becomes very quickly polluted by their own excretions, just because they can breathe the air – it's like saying we can survive in a smoke-filled room with an open window at one end because we can stick our neck out and breathe.Betta fish need a large enough filtered aquarium to guarantee good water quality and to provide them ample room to live a natural life of exploration and play.There you have it, the proper care of a betta fish, and how to properly enjoy your new and not-so-easy-to-care-for-and-forget-about-it pet! Just remember that tiny hearts matter, too, any time you think that any fish can live in a bowl and be happy!