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Tetra is a well-known name in the aquarium market and the 10 Gallon fish tank from Tetra is widely popular because of its unique half-moon shape and affordable price. The kit has the below, mentioned features.
Half moon fish tank
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The Tetra Half Moon 10 Gallon Fish Tank has a beautiful and unique design that takes the shape of a half-moon. It is essentially a circular fish tank with a flat backing, which is created by cutting the diameter of a circle in half. This approach allows the tank to have the elegance of a circular design placed against a flat wall, or in a corner.
My Half moon Fish Tank
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Photo provided by FlickrTetra® LED Half Moon Betta Environment - Desktop - Aquariums - PetSmart ...saw this tank in the fish store near me and I might get one :)
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The Tetra Half Moon Bubbling LED Aquarium Kit is 3 gallons, which is a decent size for a single betta and several decorations. I have easily fit various decorations into the tanks to help my fish feel sheltered and safe. Although I state that 3 gallons is the perfect size for a betta in the video, most people (including myself) actually recommend 5 gallons or more. I was simply referring to 3 gallons being ideal because it’s more than the recommended tank size minimum of 2.5 gallons.Moreover, the Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit comes with a 50 watt heater in order to keep your Tetra fish nice and warm. If you did not already know, while this tank is meant specifically for Tetra fish, it can be used for a variety of other fish too. This 10 gallon aquarium kit also includes a whisper filtration system with the media included. It does a fantastic job at keeping the water clean while also being nice and quiet.
With a few additional purchases (substrate, etc.), the Tetra Half Moon 10 Gallon Fish Tank will give you a great tank to house a betta fish in. Until next time. And remember, the best betta tank is a clean betta tank!

You don’t need to get a cubical or even a rectangular fish tank as the seams can obstruct the view you’re looking for. Instead, get the Tetra Half Moon for a superb viewing experience. Adding to the unobstructed view is a frameless top that also gives you an excellent view of your fishes from above. Arching towards the top of the Half Moon is a lighting system that doubles as a source of additional heat for your fishes. Together with its unique Tetra Whisper filtration system, these components help ensure the water stays within the correct parameters especially its pH, the temperature, and its chemical balance. The back of the Half Moon can be flushed against your wall to add a different element to your home’s aesthetics.Beginners are usually recommended to get starting with the best 20 gallon fish tank or aquarium kit with filter and LED lighting. With this tank size, the water quality doesn’t change too fast to poison the fish making it an ideal choice for starters, who don’t have much experience in solving aquarium problems. 20 gallon aquariums are available in various shapes and materials for you to choose. It can be a standard (high) or long, rectangle or half-moon shaped, and glass or acrylic tank.If you are bored with traditional rectangle fish tanks, this half-moon shaped aquarium will make you love it. The tank features a 180-degree seamless view and a black plastic framed bottom. With its half-moon shape, the kit will be a great piece of any home decor that attracts anyone who visits your home the first time.