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Most people consider them to be half aquarium and half terrarium.
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Our amphibious aquariums are half land and half water, but do not have to be limited to a 50% land, 50% water setup. For example you could opt for 75% land and 25% water for those animals which are mostly land dwellers but need a little water in their environment to thrive. These aquariums, then, make excellent habitats for turtles, and other reptile and amphibian species such as caimans, snakes and chameons. Turtle aquariums are great as well for terrarium setups with live plants and multi species! These amphibious aquariums also work great for aquaponics! Additionally, our amphibious aquariums are also available on our other site,
Half-terrarium, half-aquarium, a paludarium has water and dry land areas for plants to grow
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No. 1. Pacman frogs will drown if their water dish is too deep. Housing them in a terrarium with a water portion would be a bad idea. 2. Aquatic frogs, assuming they are clawed frogs, should have more space. 3. Neon tetras should be kept in groups of at least 6. I would not recommend attempting a half&half set up in such a short aquarium. It does not give the animals enough room in either setting. 10 Gallon Half Moon Terrarium Aquarium Used - nice condition
Photo provided by FlickrI've always loved paludariums (half aquarium, half terrarium) since I was a kid.
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I've always loved paludariums (half aquarium, half terrarium) since I was a kid. There's just something about the interaction between land and water that captivates me. Here is a spectacularly detailed view of a lush waterfall within a paludarium. The primal vegetation surrounding a soothing cascade is simply enchanting.This is a video of my terrarium half complete. And my aquarium for my turtles, i have made a new setup for them. Looks great so far will add more plants later. Hope you like it. Thanks! part 2 will come soon.!