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Insten Battery-Powered Gravel Cleaner Aquarium Fish Tank Siphon Vacuum
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If your fish were to live in an aquarium with an unclean gravel, this would be the same as you living in an unclean environment that lacks minimum sanitary requirements, filled with possible pollution causing and intoxicating elements. And since you and I would never ever accept living in an unclean environment, be that our own home or the neighborhood we live in, why would we ever accept our ?
Insten Battery-Powered Gravel Cleaner Aquarium Fish Tank Siphon Vacuum
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Who really has time to entirely replace the aquarium’s water from time to time and clean the aquarium’s gravel on their own? Imagine how much of a slow and tiring process this all is, just the thought of it is enough to demotivate anybody right then and there. Mini Marina Aquarium Gravel Cleaner
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The Marina Battery Powered Aquarium and Gravel Cleaner is a three-in-one aquarium gravel cleaner, algae remover, and water siphon. The battery powered Marina Aquarium Cleaner extends easily from 8" to 16" and provides the convenience of a cordless cleaner. This aquarium gravel cleaner offers efficient operation and ease of use. This aquarium algae remover is also perfect for use in a variety of aquatic habitats.Siphon Vacuum Water Pump Gravel Cleaner Aquarium Filter - SKU014973

This is a multifunctional tool for aquarium. It combine the cleaning and filtering fuction. It is easy to use, you can exchange the water and wash the sand in your aquarium tank easily. The best tool to keep your aquarium clean, gives your fish tank a nice living environment.

- For more information, please check: A is a piece ofaquarium equipment. It is a rigid, plastic tube, generally about 2" indiameter which attaches to one end of a to allow you to clean the debris from part of the aquariumgravel with each of your .Many viewers of my clip "DIY Automatic Aquarium Water Changer" () ask me how I keep my gravel clean. This is my old DIY gravel cleaner. It's not my idea but I made several improvements so please feel free to use this concept in your personal benefit.Watch more How to Take Care of an Aquarium videos:

To clean your gravel in your aquarium you want to have a basic siphon kit. I prefer one that is a two piece kit. It's got a two inch diameter, maybe twelve to twenty-four inch tube, connected to a five-eighths or three-quarter inch flexible hose that's maybe four to eight feet long that goes into a bucket. You want to get a siphon started whether you suck on the hose or you use a little pump starter. You want to get the water siphoning from the aquarium into the bucket.

And that gravel cleaner is going to free up a lot of the trapped detritus, fecal matter, food, waste, anything that's been accumulating in the gravel bed. And even if the gravel looks clean, trust me, it's got a lot of stuff lurking in it. Now that doesn't mean that it's really bad for the aquarium. Most of it, as it dissolves, is being broken down by food bacteria in the aquarium. But eventually it's going to get to the point where the gravel is so clogged that the water can no longer move through the gravel bed allowing the bacteria to get the oxygen it needs to be able to break down the waste.

So the goal is to remove a lot of the waste from the gravel bed so water can travel through it allowing the bacteria access to oxygen, water, and the waste. So every three to four weeks when you do your water change you want to siphon the gravel bed. I like to remove some of the decorations first. Put them in a bucket of hot water. And then siphon the gravel while changing fifteen to twenty five percent of the water.

It's good to clean your filter on the off week when you're not cleaning your gravel so you minimize shock to the aquarium. But just go through the gravel bed. Start in one corner and do a grid pattern just like you would vacuum a floor so you hit every square inch of the gravel bed.

Keep an eye on the bucket so you don't overflow the bucket. You can dump that water right down your toilet or right into your sink. If there's no gravel in it it's fine to dump down the drain.

And then when you refill the water just make sure you use dechlorinators. It's good to let the water sit overnight if you can so it de-gases. But you can use dechlorinators. And make sure the pH is the same so you minimize the fluctuations in pH which could be lethal to certain fish or any fish it's stressful on. Just go the extra distance. Make sure the temperature and the pH is matched to the existing water.

That's it. It's very, very straightforward. And it's actually somewhat curiously satisfying to gravel clean. I don't know what it is about it but it's like therapy. Enjoy it.The DIY aquarium siphon / gravel cleaner is a fantastic way to keep your aquarium clean. Its cheap and easy to do. Not to mention, effective. This works well on gravel, sand or bare bottom.

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