Glow fishes show there glow in the dark skin.

Genetically modified glow-in-the-dark Electric Green Tetra fish pose a risk to native species.
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These Glow in the Dark fish were genetically modified with plans to reproduce as pets. An aquarium fish — a convict cichlid, also known as the zebra cichlid — that has been transgenically modified to glow in the dark. A whole school of the glow-in-the-dark fish, which were modified using genes from a deep water jellyfish, were presented by Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture at a press conference on Friday in Taipei. Taiwan exports ornamental fish to more than 20 countries worldwide and in the past, scientists there have also bred glowing pigs.
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The glow in the dark fish eyes transform from a white with light green tint colored eye, to a bright green glowing eye when placed in a dark environment. glow fish freshwater | ... Glow In The Dark Cichlids? - Fresh Water Fish - TropicalFish - Zimbio
Photo provided by FlickrGlow in the dark fish, how cool!It just makes me want to puff my checks out!
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Since 2003, local pet stores have offered these so-called glow-in-the-dark (glowing, neon) fish for sale. These fish come in a variety of brilliant colors such as blue, green and pink. People often use these fish for ornamental purposes to decorate and liven up their rooms. The big secret though? These fish don’t actually glow-in-the-dark.What is better than normal fish tank decorations? Ones that glow in the dark obviously! Not only do they look awesome and turn your fish tank into a stylish and standout piece of furniture, but having decorations that light up can be enjoyable for your fish too. Which is exactly the reason why we have created a list of the best glow in the dark decorations for your aquarium! Check some of them out:While it sounds cool to call it “glowing-in-the-dark”, what these fish technically do is a process called fluorescence. You can think of it as the difference between a flashlight (glow-in-the-dark) and a mirror (fluorescence). Like a flashlight, truly glow-in-the-dark substances can produce their own light. A flashlight does this by using electricity and a battery. In nature, this occurs through processes such as . Fluorescent fish, however, are not flashlights. They cannot produce their own light. Like a mirror, the light you see emanating from the fish is a reflection. Fluorescent fish will absorb natural, white light, such as from your ceiling lamp, and then reflect it back as a different color- blue, green, pink. This is the process of .Add some color to your home with these incredible glow in the dark tetra fish. These tiny aquatic pets are available in one of six amazingly vibrant colors like electric green and starfire red - making them a brilliant addition to any room.These plants are extremely well made and look seriously cool! They are fade resistant and non toxic, making them perfect companions for your fish. The plants have a badass glowing effect in dark light and can really brighten up a room. Standing at around 4 inches tall, these plants can fit comfortably in most aquariums without intruding on your fish’s space. Having one of these on each side of your tank provides an awesome surrounding.Because this is what the world has come to, scientists from the National Taiwan Ocean University and a private biotech company have successfully engineered angel fishall the time and will all the time . OMG, your dorm room is going to be off the chains! The fish appear bright pink under normal light (see picture after the jump), and glow this purplish-blue when it gets dark. Also when it gets dark? I turn into a werewolf. AR-AR-AROOOOOOOOO! "No, you're just a very hairy naked man." *wink* I'm an exhibitionist. "What's up with the dog collar and leash?" Haha, that's for another fetish. Take me for a walk?