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Hi-Seas' luminous glow beads act as a visual stimulant for fish when light is absent.
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Michiels discovered the glowing-red fish by chance during dives in Mangrove Bay in the Red Sea (the salt water inlet between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula), where he was investigating how deeply red light penetrates into the water. Wearing goggles that enabled him to only see red light, Michiels was struck by blobs of red which ringed the eyes of several fish, adorned the entire bodies of others or coated a single fin.
Hydro Glow Fish Lights
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We cut a string of holes an hour or so before dark. We focused our attention a few different points of natural structure. This particular basin lake had a few small weed covered humps protruding out of relatively deep water. We started our line of holes on and around the hump in an attempt to locate fish. After fishing through the holes, we decided to cut along the weed edge on the first major contour break. It didn’t take long for us to hit a hole with with active crappie in it. After we iced our first fish, we decided that was enough for us to set up the Clam hub and our Hydro Glow fishing light for the night. Here is a short clip of what the baitfish look like swarming the underwater Hydro Glow Fishing Lights.
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Hydro Glow Fishing Lights manufactures high quality, energy efficient, water proof lights for both “above the water” and “underwater” applications. Hydro Glow Fishing Lights utilize high output LEDs for great fish attracting capability. The fish attracting capability of our high output LED dock lights will enhance fishing, and just watching fish, right off your dock for the entire family. Factors such as water depth, clarity, boat traffic, and the desired appearance of the illuminated area should be considered when choosing the best suited dock light. SEA-GLOW MANUFACTURING underwater fish light, if properly cared for, should give you many years of service. Each underwater fish Light is constructed of 2 meters of super bright LED. Each one meter strip of underwater fish lights consist of 60 LED 5050 diodes with an output of over 1000 lumens per meter. That's 120 super bright LED's producing over 2000 lumens for each underwater fish light. Each Light is housed in a clear PVC tube. It's extremely tough. Super bright LED underwater fish light operates on 12 volts DC, which is more economical and safer than our competitors higher voltage underwater fish light. Each underwater Fish Light will operate on 28.8 watts. Sea-glow manufacturing delivers MADE IN AMERICA hi-quality super bright 12 volt LED underwater lights that will make your night-time fishing experience simply glowing. With our effective design, that can be deployed via a boat or dock, you can guarantee a night of attracted fish. The perfect fisherman's friend, has been proven to deliver performance like a sturdy German design. Making the choice between using actinic or blacklights for your glowing aquarium depends on when or how you would like to view it. and are both available with a variety of actinic and blacklight option. Both actinic lights and blacklights make things glow when the light they produce is reflected off of the fluorescent pigments in the object, whether this is light we can see (actinic) or light we can’t (blacklight). These pigments could be in the artificial coloration of an ornament or plants, or in the proteins or cells of a living creature, either artificially or naturally. Many plants and animals that we don’t think of as “glowing” have pigments that are fluorescent under the ultraviolet range. This can help them to blend in or stand out to other animals that can see this range that we can’t. Fish like GloFish have been enhanced with proteins from these fluorescent creatures at their embryotic stages so they can share in these glowing traits.