Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

moss balls in a water terrarium. delightful. / Marimo Couple In Globe Aquarium
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The Magic Globe Aquarium is made by Aquatica Gallery. The innovative design has actually garnered a lot of awards already. The tank nicely comes with all the necessary things to start up your aquarium. Setting up should also be fairly simple and easy.
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The Tetra Waterfall Globe aquarium is a 1.8 gallon desktop aquarium. This product that has a unique feature,which is a waterfall. This is a one of a kind feature that one can have in their aquarium. The addition of the waterfall is something that many individuals desire in their home product. Many users are happy with this small aquarium and consider it to be a showpiece in their homes. Creativity 521 #36 - DIY snow globe aquarium
Photo provided by FlickrSnowing Globe Aquarium...is this too small? I love this though so maybe for Marimo.
Photo provided by FlickrClick on the image to find out how to make your own sea snow globe aquarium!
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The Magic Globe is a 5-6 gallon spherical aquarium sealed on top and fully filled with water but with a cascading fountain streaming out of its side. In order to achieve this seemingly impossible effect, the designers use a clever pressure gradient phenomenon (akin to airlocks) to create a side-opening waterfall without the water emptying out even if the power is interrupted. A small pump (and filter) in its catch basin recirculates water back into the bowl.Make your fishes acquaint of the world with the Globe aquarium. This aquarium will take your fishes round the world but not literally. Take the tank along so that you do not forget the way back to your home.We realize the Magic Globe is a gimmicky aquarium product, but oh what an cool gimmick it is! It turns the age-old concept of a common fish bowl upside down ... or rather on its side. The Magic globe comes in several base designs (a few of which are pictured below) and is also available in a dual fountain version through major retailers like Amazon and range between $95-130 USD.This is the Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium I bought from Amazon. Item model number: 29008. I made a small baffle out of a water bottle to reduce the flow of the waterfall.I love this tetra waterfall globe aquarium!! when I first saw it I thought, neatly designed things such as this glass tank usually end up being crap. You know all looks and no personality kind of thing. However, I was very surprised when I first opened the box and I got it all set up. The tank is 1.8 gallons, It’s very well made and seems to be of good quality. I bought it right after I had bought the Umbra fish hotel, this one I bought to put in my room I placed it right next to my bed, and it’s got multiple purposes. First and foremost it’s a nice habitat for my AKA. Betta fish, I can sit there and just watch my fish for a very long time before I finally fall asleep at night. But it also serves as a night light in my bedroom (I don’t sleep in a pitch black room) the waterfall sound is very soothing and relaxing and it helps me sleep because it relaxes me., And most importantly it looks very cool. Following are the pros and cons of the .Product Description:
Magic Globe Aquarium is internationally patented and has won numerous best new aquarium awards including the 1st place Best New Product Showcase Award honor at 2010 Global Pet Expo and Pet Business Magazine 2010 Industry Recognition Award Winner. The aquarium is equipped with state of the art "Water-Vacuum Technology" with the top of the tank sealed and the globe completely filled with water. Waterfalls are created on side openings and the running water goes through a self-contained filtration system that aerates and cycles clean water back to the globe. The globe is illuminated with colorful LED lighting that creates ambiance and atmosphere and becomes beautiful nightlight. Furthermore, the beautiful ceramic base is individually hand painted and fired with glaze finish for astonishing and vivid character presentation. The aquarium set comes with complete starter kit and a multi-language instruction DVD in a color box.