Love this glass fish bowl with cat

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Small glass bowl is in the shaped of a fish with a hollowed center. Teal and white ribbons decorate the inside and outside of the piece. Measures 8 x 8 x 4
Coffee Root and Handmade Glass Fish or Plant Bowl | 248
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The Square Glass Fish Bowls are simple and fun, and make great decorative fishbowls. are excellent for small table spaces and rooms. Fill the fishbowls with water and put betta or goldfish in them, or fill them with candy, glass rocks, or beads for a decorative touch.

Accent your square glass fish bowl with our decorative rocks and accessories.

Anchor Hocking Glass Fish Bowl Drum 2 Gal
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Below you will find a list of our goldfish and betta fish bowls. Clicking on each will give you additional pictures and information about each glass fish bowl.
(Because each glass fish shaped fish bowl is made with handblown glass, dimensions are approximate and may vary a little between fish bowls).

For a truly unique touch in your home or office, consider adding a handblown glass, . Because each glass goldfish bowl is hand-made, you can own a truly unique piece of art. The attractive and sturdy glass fish bowls are great for betta fish and will quickly become the center of attention when you place your pet goldfish or betta in them. You can also use these hand-made glass fish bowls for decorative table centerpieces. Use brightly colored candies as a fish shaped goodie jar, colorful flowers, or decorative rocks to make your hand-made glass fish shaped fish bowl an excellent display piece.

The handblown glass fish shaped fish bowls are available in four sizes. We also carry a blue glass fish shaped fish bowlccent your fish shaped fishbowl with our and accessories. It’s exactly what it says, A shot glass in a fishbowl. Put the fishbowl at the bar, fill it to the top with water. Your guests drop a loonie in the fishbowl, if it lands in the shotglass they win a free drink. But beware, it’s much tougher than it looks!Glass fish bowl centerpiece with clear gel, 3x pink gerberas and bear grass on a round mirror plate. Very simple but effect. Also looks nice with little tea lights around mirror or crystals scattered around.This giant wine glass is a perfect conversation piece. The kit comes with everything you need to get started, including plants, fish and fresh water shrimp.
Although seemingly simple in design, the bioAquatiX fish bowl systems are well thought out biologically balanced micro ecosystems. No mechanical filtration is required. The plants and especially the Java Moss are excellent at removing the nitrates and ammonia. The shrimp will groom the plants and Java Moss. Fish waste is consumed by the plants.Genius! A long-awaited purpose for the empty glass fish bowl that seemed like such a great idea for floral arrangements when I bought it three years ago, but which has instead lain idle ever since...The truth is a glass fish bowl, small plastic tank or vases are actually harder to take care of than a large-sized aquarium tank. It is difficult to maintain the water’s quality in any aquarium tanks less than 10 gallons (40 L) since the toxin gets compounded quickly due to the small volume of water. And poor water quality usually leads to a sick Guppy fish.