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The convenience of a boxed kit makes it easy for your customers to start out in the hobby or upgrade their current setup. Starter kits provide retailers a great opportunity for add-onsales of gravel, decorations and fish. Kit Includes: Glass Aquarium with Black Trim, QuietFlow Power Filter, Filter Cartridge, Deluxe Fluorescent Hood, Fluorescent Bulb, Submersible Heater, Aquarium Set-up and Care Guide, Water Conditioner, Digital Thermometer, Premium Fish Food and Fish Net.
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i gave up and called local pet stores one day, one after another. the all-glass tanks were typically around 250 to 260 dollars, but some were actually over 300 dollars... but one (choice aquariums) carried one for 213 dollars, so that is what i went with. it's ridiculous the price difference between the stores. some must have some really awful wholesalers or something... Acrylic aquariums 50 gallons or less - shipped straight to your door via UPS
Photo provided by FlickrIn 2008, we averaged over 100 glass tanks per week of all sizes
Photo provided by FlickrBetter than 1/2 of all the glass tanks we made were custom ..
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Acrylic Fish Tanks are 17x stronger, softer and more flexible than glass. Your Acrylic Fish Tank is more impact resistant, weighs 50% less and is not prone to chip or crack. Acrylic aquariums for sale offer better insulation than glass aquariums, reducing temperature flux and improving the quality of life for your fish.FISH TANKS FOR SALE, AQUARIUMS FOR SALE, NEW FISH TANKS FOR SALE, NEW AQUARIUMS FOR SALE, GLASS FISH TANKS FOR SALE, GLASS AQUARIUMS FOR SALE, ACRYLIC FISH TANKS FOR SALE, ACRYLIC AQUARIUMS FOR SALE, GLASS AQUARIUMS, ACRYLIC AQUARIUMS, GLASS AQUARIUM MANUFACTURERS, ARYLIC AQUARIUM MANUFACTURERS, CUSTOM GLASS AQUARIUMS, CUSTOM ACRYLIC AQUARIUMS, CUSTOM GLASS AQUARIUM DESIGNERS, CUSTOM ACRYLIC AQUARIUM DESIGNERS, CUSTOM GLASS AQUARIUM DESIGN, CUSTOM ACRYLIC AQUARIUM DESIGN, ACRYLIC AQUARIUM BUILDERS, GALSS AQUARIUM BUILDERS, ACRYLIC AQUARIUM INSTALLERS, GLASS AQUARIUM INSTALLERS, ACRYLIC AQUARIUM INSTALLATION, GLASS AQUARIUM INSTALATLION, ACRYLIC AQUARIUM INSTALLERS, GLASS AQUARIUM INSTALLERS, ACRYLIC AQUARIUM CONTRACTORS, GLASS AQUARIUM INSTALLERS CONTRACTORS, GLASS CAGES, RIMLESS AQUARIUMS, REEF READY AQUARIUMS, FISH TANKS DIRECT.The Top Fin 40 and 50 gallon long aquariums are a great choice for keeping your fish or turtles healthy because they provide plenty of room for these creatures to swim and a large surface for the air circulation. The prices of these tanks is very affordable but their quality is extra good for the price. The glass is a little thicker than other glass fish tanks for sale in pet stores. It is well constructed for both fresh or marine tank setup. The only drawback of these tanks is the fluorescent hood included that is unnecessary if you want to use an . If you are finding a long glass tank with a cheap price for the main purpose is stocking fish or turtle, you can buy these tanks and make a little replacement for the perfect LED lighting system.