Freshwater Aquarium Fish Species Profile: African Cichlid

African Cichlids prefer higher pH, dH and temperatures than other freshwater fish.
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The chocolate cichlid is a large freshwater fish originally from South America. It is favored by aquarium enthusiasts for its calm temperament and ability to cohabitate with other large fish. With proper care and attention, your chocolate cichlid may even become tame enough to take food out of your hand.
Electric blue cichlid. Freshwater fish, but these cichlids are colorful enough sometimes to look like saltwater fish. Mine is huge!!!!
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They are subject to infections as well as other diseases that ail all freshwater fish. One common problem is . It can be treated with the elevation of the tank temperature to 86° F (30° C) for 3 days. If that does not cure the Ich, then the fish needs to be treated with copper (remove any water conditioners). Several copper based fish medications are available for Ich. Copper use must be kept within the proper levels, so be sure to follow the manufacturers suggestions. A copper test can be used to keep the proper levels. You can also combine increasing the temperature with an Ich medication treatment. Intestinal disease can be treated with metronidazol.As with most fish the Jaguar Cichlids are prone to skin flukes and other parasitic infestations (protozoa, worms, etc.), fungal infections, and bacterial infections. It is recommended to read up on the common tank diseases. Knowing the signs and catching and treating them early makes a huge difference. For information about freshwater fish diseases and illnesses, see .Remember anything you add to your tank can bring disease to your tank. Not only other fish but plants, substrate, and decorations can harbor bacteria or harmful chemicals. Take great care to make sure to properly clean or quarantine anything that you add to an established tank so not to upset the balance. Pundamilia Nyererei, Featured item 10/08. #cichlid #fish #petfish #aquarium #freshwater #featureditem
Photo provided by FlickrElectric blue cichlid. Freshwater fish, but these cichlids are colorful enough sometimes to look like saltwater fish. Mine is huge!!!!
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The number of cichlid species identified in the wild is well over 1,000 and biologists think that many more are waiting to be discovered. Cichlids are found in many locations throughout the world and include such favorites as the freshwater angelfish, the tiger oscar fish and the jack dempsey cichlid.Cichlid fish (pronounced “sick-lid”) are a large family of freshwater, bony fish species. While the exact number of species is unknown, it’s thought that well over 1,000 exist in the Cichlidae family today. Of all the species of vertebrates, more than five percent are cichlids. Yellow Leleupi, Featured item. #yellow #leleupi #cichlid #cichlids #fish #petfish #aquarium #aquariums #freshwater #freshwaterfish #featureditemFirst and foremost, African cichlids are prized and adored for their beautiful coloration. You cannot find freshwater fish that are more colorful than these fish from East Africa. And, you cannot find a saltwater fish with color equal to African cichlids for even half the price. Look at this picture of a Lake Victoria Hap, for example. Can you find a color of the rainbow that he doesn’t display? Green is probably the only color. And this is just one of over a thousand colorful species.Whether you have been keeping freshwater fish for years, maintaining a saltwater reef tank and are tired of the costs, or new to the hobby, African cichlids are fish for you. Let's see if I can’t convince you.On the whole, African cichlids are relatively intelligent fish. But perhaps even more important, they are very hardy fish, which makes them easy to maintain. Their care is not so easy, however, that it would bore the advanced, but because they’re hardy they don’t present an impossible challenge for the beginner. The fact that they are freshwater fish simplifies things a whole lot, but what makes their maintenance even easier is that they need hard, alkaline water. It’s actually cheaper and easier to make neutral water alkaline, than vice versa. If you have soft or neutral tap water, there are home remedies that work quite well. Plus, you can use all different kinds of rocks and coral to help buffer your water so that it stays alkaline. Furthermore, African cichlids have a wide range of tolerable pH levels, whereas most freshwater fish will go belly up if it moves more than 0.6, which is part of the reason why they are not as hardy as African cichlids.