Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish: Tetras: Great Community Fish!

Find out which fish are the best choice for a calm, tranquil freshwater community aquarium.
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Learn more about colorful and peaceful community fish that make great additions to your tropical freshwater aquarium.
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Interested in expanding your freshwater sharks tank to include other species of fish? After all, if you’ve established a freshwater aquarium of an impressive size in order to properly house your shark(s), you’d probably like to add some personality and character to your community, courtesy of freshwater fish that are available in all shapes and colors.
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Photo provided by FlickrJun 23, 2017 ... Learn more about colorful and peaceful community fish that make great additions to your tropical freshwater aquarium.
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Whether you are starting a new aquarium or rehabilitating an existing tank it is smart to get an idea of what kind of fish you intend to stock. The most popular choice is probably a community freshwater aquarium stocked with colorful, peaceful fish.Plecostomus, often called “plecos,” are a very popular fish and they make a wonderful addition to the freshwater aquarium. This may be true, but there are still some major drawbacks to keeping them. Common varieties can grow to be a foot long and they produce massive amounts of waste -- even smaller ones can still manufacture disproportionate levels of waste. You can basically double the bio-load of your community tank by adding one of these fish. In addition to that, some plecos don’t consume very much algae and may preferentially shred plants and driftwood. You should also keep in mind that while juvenile plecos are considered a community species, they often become aggressive as they grow.While obviously not fish, ghost shrimp are a fun additional to a community freshwater aquarium, as long as it is inhabited by other peaceful fish. These shrimp are industrious little critters that will help clean up any debris they find at the bottom of your tank. They are fun to watch, and they might even reproduce if conditions are right.Keeping a freshwater fish aquarium is one of the most rewarding experiences. There are many aquatic animals to choose from that will add color and interest to your community tank.Let's understand this a little better. There are literally thousands of species of freshwater fish out there—only some of these are suitable for your aquarium, and others are best kept alone (like in a single fish species tank) or in company of similar fish (as in cichlids). Out of the fish that can live in your aquarium, some are especially suited for community tanks due to their harmonious natures.Bettas, also called Siamese fighting fish, do not belong in a freshwater community tank. If you wish to keep one of these beautiful creatures, you will need to provide a separate aquarium just for them.