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One of the advantages of choosing this fish is that it can adapt to fresh, brackish and even salt water. This allows you some leeway when setting up a new tank.
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Maintain adequate water temperature. Changes in temperature can wreak havoc on aquarium fish. Don't place your aquarium in a window that gets a lot of sun or next to heating or air conditioning vents, as drastic temperature changes can make your fish sick or even kill them. Tropical freshwater fish require a constant temperature of 72°F – 82°F depending on the species, in which case you’ll need to purchase an aquatic heater for your tank. Here are seven easy care freshwater aquarium fish for those who decided on a heated tank.
Photo provided by FlickrSee a Petco associate for the right type of freshwater aquarium fish for your water tank.
Photo provided by FlickrHi I am getting a aqua one fish tank eco style 30.What fresh water fish do u suggest me to buy
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FishLore provides aquarium fish tank information for tropical fish hobbyists, covering both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. We present aquarium fish tank information in an easy to understand way so that more can enjoy our wonderful hobby! Consider joining us on the forum where you will find people that like to talk about fish tanks as much as you!Once you have decided on what type of freshwater tank you would like, it can really become a mind rejuvenating experience setting up your freshwater fish tank. Deciding on what theme you could use is also a pure enjoyment.A freshwater fish tank is a transparent glass or acrylic tank or box that can hold freshwater aquatic plants or ornaments for research, decoration, or pet-keeping purposes.To set up a freshwater fish tank you need an aquarium, aquarium light, filter, gravel, test kits, nets, scrapers, food, a quarantine tank, and, of course, your fish.A freshwater fish tank will bring a wonderful sense of nature to any home or office. It is much easier to set up and more cost efficient to maintain than a saltwater tank.Always remember to use the correct to keep your fish tank circulated, clean, aerated, and hygienic for your freshwater fishy friends. When it comes to cleaning the tank, it is easy to change freshwater aquariums by removing some of the tank water with an aquarium vacuum and then refilling it with filtered water. In this way, your tank will still stay in clean and hygienic if done regularly. are not that expensive and can still bring to live any room they are placed in, turning it into a friendly cozy environment.When comparing a saltwater and freshwater fish tank you can clearly see a difference in the cost of and maintaining them. A freshwater tank is less expensive to start and easier to setup and maintain. Both of these types of tanks have their perks and down sides. It is advised that a saltwater tank should only be maintained by an expert, someone who has more experience in taking care of fish. It is a wise idea to always begin or design your tank with the type of fish you want. Remember to provide multiple hiding places and the correct water chemistry and plants for your fish so they will feel right at home in their new tank.