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Tropical fish food offers great daily nutrition for freshwater aquarium fish
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TetraColor Tropical Granules offer an alternative tropical food to all the different flake varieties. While flakes are the most popular, granules offer bite-sized morsels that will sink faster and reach all the different species in your tank or aquarium, especially bottom and mid-water feeders. Granules are best if most of your fish are mid or bottom feeders, or you have fish that enjoy chasing their food. If you have a good number of top feeders or lazy fish, this might not be the best type of food for your freshwater community. These granules in combination with TetraMin Tropical Crisps make a great daily diet if you would like to stay away from flakes but have a good mix of all types of fish at different levels in your tank or aquarium.
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Wow, didn't know you could make your own fresh water fish food. I only have three guppies so I don't think I'll be needing quite so much, but maybe when they have babies I'll give this a try. :) Home >; Freshwater Fish >; Freshwater Fish Food
Photo provided by FlickrApr 29, 2013 - The food you feed your freshwater fish will determine their health and vitality.
Photo provided by FlickrWow, didn't know you could make your own fresh water fish food.
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There are many frozen foods available for freshwater fish. Among these include: all of the live foods mentioned previously, krill, plankton, squid, vegetable-based foods, andother meat-based products. There are frozen foods containing a mixture of ingredients formulated specially for certain fish types. Some aquariasts make homemade frozenfoods with meats, live foods, and vegetables.Most freshwater fish food is for tropical fish if you own goldfish or koi, look for goldfish food or pond fish food designed for cold water metabolisms. If you own fancy goldfish, buy fancy goldfish food they have unique digestive tracts. The gastric system of any goldfish is prone to floating or digestive problems; some goldfish owners make their own foods to supplement commercial choices (more on this later).These high quality, protein rich food are great for large aquatic turtles, large size freshwater fish, marine aquarium fish and invertebrates. After eating Zoo Med’s Sun Dried Large Red Shrimp, fish and turtles typically shows an increase in physical health and strength within just a few days. It can be part of a staple diet or just used as a supplement or treat. They are available in 0.5oz, 2.5oz and 5oz jars.If your fish doesn’t have its own tailor-made formula, don’t just grab a general tropical or marine fish food! Within a freshwater or saltwater tank, there can be big differences in dietary needs and feeding habits. Some quick research will tell you fish nutritional needs, as well as tips to encourage feeding!DIY fish food is a perfect solution. It is cheaper, fresher and you are in control of the ingredients. Many of these ingredients can be sourced from your local fish store and grocery market. These recipes are designed to keep your water clear. Substitute ingredients in the DIY fish food recipes below to create your own recipes.Some food is breed-specific. Other types are based on whether the fish is of fresh or salt water. Some fish even eat live food (e.g., worms, shrimp, and fruit flies), so make sure to get this information before purchasing the fish and bringing it home, especially if you get queasy at the site of one live creature eating another.