Freshwater aquarium plants can be used in a variety of ways:

Below is a list of some of the best freshwater aquarium plants for beginners.
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Aside from this both ferns have a rhizome at their base and can be glued or attached to wood or hard scape within the aquarium. They do not or should not be placed in the substrate as they will rot away. Java ferns are very tolerant of all kinds of water conditions. They are also very tolerant of lower light levels. This makes the Java Fern a perfect solution for the beginner wanting to try freshwater plants. Java ferns are inexpensive and can often be purchased in a range of sizes for small aquariums or larger aquariums. Java Ferns will not require any liquid fertiliser supplements or plant specific substrates.
Freshwater Aquarium Plants For Your Discus Fish Tank - Discus Fish Types
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Malaysian Trumpet Snails are popular scavengers that are useful for your freshwater aquarium. They will break up plant roots and sand substrate; eat decaying plants, algae and dead animals. These snails will grow to 1 inch, and will need both sexes to reproduce. They will not eat your live plants (unless they are starving) or harm other tank inhabitants. Freshwater Aquarium Plants | Rotala Macrandra Red
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Freshwater aquarium plants require light, water and food to survive and thrive. Some of these plants also require soil to support their root systems. Real freshwater plants help to provide a natural environment for the fish in your aquarium. They provide oxygen and absorb toxins. It is vital to take special care in maintaining your plants in order to keep your aquarium healthy.Java Fern and needle leaf Java Fern are two of the easiest freshwater plants that beginners can keep in their aquariums. Java Ferns are usually much larger than Needle leaf Java Fern. Java Fern has larger leaves and also requires less light. They are also generally less expensive and readily available at aquarium stores. Needle Leaf Java Ferns have thinner leaves and are rarely found in local stores. This often results in the plant being more expensive. Needle Lead Java Ferns can often be purchased off other aquarists.A Vallisneria is a freshwater aquatic plant, which some people call eelgrass, and are used at the sides or back of a tank to frame the rest of the aquarium.Interestingly anubias can be grown above the water’s surface. It is also interesting to note that anubias will flower underneath the water which is strange for most aquatic plants. Anubias is definitely one of the easiest freshwater plants to care for and should be a prime choice for any aquarist wanting to begin a planted tank.Anubias & anubias Nana are two more of the easiest freshwater plants to keep in the aquarium. Anubias is most commonly sold on driftwood or rocks in the aquarium store. Unlinke Java Fern, anubias Grows very slowly it is therefore important to buy a specimen that is more appropriate to your size of aquarium.Mosses are an interesting plant species that are often overlooked as a beginner plant. Java moss and Christmas Moss are two of the easiest freshwater plants to keep in the aquarium. They require little maintenance and little light. They are very easy to keep alive and will often propagate easily when given the right conditions.