Fluval edge large tall black fish tank / aquarium $275

Nano fish tanks: Fluval Edge 23L. The world first 3D water cube.
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When people look for a new aquarium to showcase their beautiful bettas in, believe it or not, they often forget to take the tanks body construction (not simply looks alone) into consideration. I mean, some people can get sidetracked on the overall appearance of the new fishtank (like I just did) and forget to see how the tank is constructed. The Fluval stamped Spec V aquarium is engineered out of high quality, thick clear glass. Back that up… Laser Etched glass! “Trim” can be translated many different ways in today’s casual conversation, but in the case of this fancy fish frame, it means that fluval trimmed its laser etched glass with aluminum. Your fish has been asking for bling, you just don’t listen very well.
Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit in White - Fluval Edge Fish Tank and Home Aquarium - another cool option
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If you take yet another look at the picture of the Fluval Spec V aquarium, you’ll notice that at the rear of the tank there is an area that isn’t made for swimming fish. That would be the filtration system. The filter’s pump is also located in that back area as well. What’s really, really nice about its built-in location back there is that it makes filter maintenance incredibly easy. Everything about the filtration system of the Spec V is designed and made for convenience (the foam filter even has a handle!) while still somehow leaving a nice sleek look to the overall appearance to the aquarium. If you’ve fussed around with traditional aquarium filtration systems before, you should know that keeping filters, hoses, pumps and wires nice and tidy is not the easiest thing in the world to do. fluval chi fish tank
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Not only is this tank very easy to set up, but it is actually also very convenient to put anywhere in the house thanks to its nice compact shape. It doesn’t take very much work to set up the Fluval Edge 12 Gallon Fish Tank at all.In the world of 5 gallon aquariums that you can house betta fish in, you’d have an extremely hard time trying to find a better tank than the Fluval Spec V. Small enough to fit on a desktop or counter, yet spacious enough for your betta to swim freely, the Spec V from Fluval is a great place to start in designing your ideal betta aquarium setup!This is a great addition to get along with your fish tank because if you want your fish to survive the tank needs to be clean. The Fluval EDGE Carbon Clean & Clear Renewal Sachets only need to be replaced every 4 weeks and they require no maintenance in the time in between.Fluval EDGE fish tanks have sleek and modern design with glass on 6 sides that means you can enjoy your fish from all sides including the top. The unique design gives these tanks a very contemporary look that is the reason why they are so attractive and popular in the aquarium hobby.Fluval Edge 6 and 12 gallon are creative and unique fish tanks manufactured by Hagen Fluval. These tanks are so great that many hobbyists want to have their own ones, except that they have already kept their aquariums for many years. In this review, I will outline the powerful features as well as the pros and cons of the Fluval Edge aquariums to help you know if these tanks are right for you or not. Besides, I also provide the methods to set up and maintain the tank as well as some stocking ideas in this article.The Fluval Edge with CycleguardTM, which is hidden behind the main tank, is very powerful and quiet. It filters the water through 3 stages to provide a clean and healthy environment for your fish and shrimps.