Fluval c2 and aquaclear 50 review update - YouTube

Fluval c2 and aquaclear 50 review update
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So ..... on my 38 gallon with a "customized" aqua-tech 30-60 (330 GPH) which I plan to replace soon, Since I only have 3 & 3/4 inches from the aquarium to the wall, a fluval C4 is out since it takes 4 inches+. Will an aquaclear 70 fit ??? I cannot find the dimensions anywhere. You note that the C3 is thinner than the aquaclear 50 ....... I wonder if the same holds true for AC50 vs C4.
Fluval AquaClear 50 and 200 Replacement Parts & Media
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But if I'm unable to get the Fluval C3, I'm willing to get either the all-famous Aquaclear 50, the Marinlend Emperor 400, or the Marineland Penguin 350. Fluval AquaClear 50 and 200 Replacement Filter Case
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Photo provided by FlickrAquaclear 50, Fluval C3, Emperor 400, or Penguin 350
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Fluval AquaClear Maintenance Kit offers both forward and reverse water flow. The use of reverse flow through an under gravel system promotes bacterial growth from the bottom up, increasing biological filtration capacity. Supports efficient filtration Flow control Reverse flow option Aquarium rim attachment fits easily to all standard aquarium rims Solid, durable, compact pump construction Epoxy sealed motor Hermetically isolated from watera"fully submersible Water movement switch controls reverse and forward flow Fully variable output control suction cup bracket allows custom and deep installations Noise suppressor air filter quietly removes airborne contaminants before they can pollute Directions: Remove protective plastic bag (BIOMAX, Carbon) and rinse all inserts thoroughly before use. Maintenance: Replace foam insert every twomonths, Carbon insert every month, and BIOMAX every 2-3 months. Never replace all filter inserts simultaneously to ensure constant presence of beneficial bacteria. 30: BIOMAX (1 x 65g) Carbon (2 x 45g) 50: BIOMAX (1 x 125g) Carbon (2 x 70g) 70: BIOMAX (1 x 195g) Carbon (2 x 140g) 110 BIOMAX (2 x 390g) Carbon (2 x 609)