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im currently feeding NLS flake food that is specific for saltwater fish.
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Most types of fresh and saltwater fish flakes and pellets are available in formulas that will not cloud the water inside your aquarium. In addition to pond fish food developed for koi, goldfish and other types of pond fish, there are specialized foods for pet crabs, lobsters, and shrimp that are high in protein and formulated for their optimal growth. Whether you have saltwater, freshwater, bottom-feeding or algae eating fish, give them the fish food from Petco to promote their health, vitality and overall all well-being.
Premium spirulina algae flake or pellet food for freshwater and saltwater fish
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One of the most important aspects of maintaining an aquarium isfeeding the fish. They are dependant on your proper care. Most fisheat flake foods, but refer to the Fish Facts tab to get information on specificspecies and their diets. For example, Tangs and other herbivores eat mainly algaebased foods, like dried seaweed (nori) and spirulina flakes. They don't require high protein insect basedflakes. Generally, herbivores will eat small amounts continuously whereascarnivores eat larger amounts sporadically. It's always a good idea tovary the diet of your fish and to introduce live foods occasionally. Flakes foods, freeze dried shrimp and freeze dried bloodworms can usually beused for either freshwater or saltwater fish. Household vegetable matteris readily eaten by many fish, but there is a risk of adding unwanted chemicalsto a tank from these sources. Mandarin eating flake food! | Saltwaterfish Forum
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Photo provided by FlickrFlake food is artificial fish food that contains macronutrients and trace elements for both tropical and saltwater fish
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