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While some species can be difficult to keep in a saltwater aquarium, Angelfish are among the most popular fish for marine aquariums. The Top Saltwater Angelfish Picture Gallery contains outstanding photos of a wide variety of marine Angelfish. These fish pictures were submitted to About Saltwater Aquariums for display and contest entry.
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View these outstanding pictures of saltwater aquarium fish in these photo galleries. These pictures were submitted to About Saltwater Aquariums for display in photo galleries. Your destination for news, pictures, facts, and videos about fish.
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Sifting sand for food, Blennies are a terrific saltwater aquarium fish. The top Blenny photo gallery contains outstanding fish pictures of a wide variety of Blennies submitted to About Saltwater Aquariums for display and photo contest entry.There is no doubt you'll enjoy browsing this outstanding collection of Clownfish or Anemonefish species photos that were submitted by site visitors for display here at About Saltwater Aquariums. A majority of the images picture the Clown Fish with a host sea anemone, as well as a wide variety of corals.Due to their habit of picking at coral polyps, Butterflyfish are not recommended for reef tanks with corals. Here are outstanding Butterflyfish pictures submitted for display in the About Saltwater Aquariums in the Top Butterfly Pictures Gallery.The beach is beautiful, totally picturesque, and awesome for snorkeling. We bought some bread and we went underneath the old pier, to snorkel, it was so amazing. There were so many angels fishes, devouring the bread. I love this beach , I would recommend this for anyone.Join my facebook group Aquarium Fish, The largest group dedicating to the hobby ever!!!

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The goonch, a large, predatory catfish, occurs throughout much of Asia, especially in rapids areas of Himalayan rivers, the main Mekong River and the largest tributaries. Although widespread, this species may be threatened by increased development and pollution in the rivers of Asia, Hogan said. The goonch is the subject of stories of man-eating catfish in India, he added. According to the reports, which have not been verified, the goonch developed a taste for humans after feeding on the remains of corpses burned on riverbank funeral pyres in northern India. In reality, large fish are now so rare and heavily fished that it's very unlikely that the fish grows to a size capable of attacking human-sized prey, Hogan said. This picture was taken in the Ramganga River, India, in 2010. Bodies of water can be scary places. Nothing really has ever happened to me in any body of water, but still, when I see picture of scary fish, I can only conclude that my next step into a lot of h20 will be my last move before a horrible gill-demon eats my face off. Anyway, after looking at these pictures, you will likely find yourself pretty uncomfortable, followed by pretty relieved that you are nowhere near water. Unless of course you’re reading this article on a boat, which would be absolutely the worst thing ever and a watery doom awaits you.