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is a safe and natural method to reduce waterborne pathogens and algae the causes ?Green Water?. UV is as natural as sunlight. Unlike chemical treatments that can potentially harm the fish, beneficial bacteria, and plants in your aquarium or pond, UV does not leave any residuals in the water and therefore cannot harm fish and plants.
UV light has two primary uses in fish culture:Controlling green water and disinfecting the water supply.
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Research does exist! Zack Jud, a fisheries biologist at Florida International University, says fish have developed the ability to see reflected UV light for a couple of reasons. Being able to identify UV-reflective patterns helps them recognize friend, foe or food. UV light also polarizes, especially early and late in the day. Diverse gamefish detect polarized light.
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Ultra-violet light is dangerous and cancerous, but when the UV sterilizer is used correctly and cautiously, it’s not a threat to you or your fish, invertebrates, or corals.I could never keep tangs or angelfish and I always keep my water good. Two skimmers, good water movement and change water every week with Nutri Live Sea water. Ich would always infect their gills, next day belly up. Just lost an $80 flagfin angelfish, Yes it hurts. I have two new tangs a sailfin and a yellow. Both of them started to spot up on there body. I went to Petsmart and bought the green killer 24 watt UV sterilizer for 50 bucks and Omega One flakes with garlic. The next day clean like I just fresh water dipped them. First time having success without using chemicals and a hospital tank. I let it run at night when the lights go off, two much heat with 510 watts of lights. I don't know if it was the food or the UV but all of my fish seem to be a lot happier. I will run for two weeks and then turn off. I will let you-all know what happens. Hope This Helps!For example, you might consider a lower water flow sterilizer if you own a fish tank and extra water flow sterilizer and UV light bulb power for your outside pond.Some fish have been known to be able to see light , but their UV vision was thought to be fuzzy at best. "Researchers have been assuming for a long time that UV vision is not very good—and that it is only useful for detecting the presence and absence of UV light or objects in front of UV bright backgrounds," Ulrike Siebeck, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Queensland in Australia and lead author of the study, said in a prepared statement.
Anytime fish are cultured, they are crowded and they are stressed. Crowded conditions degrade water quality and increase transmission of pathogens. Stress decreases the immune response, making the fish more susceptible to disease. This is a dangerous combination that can lead to disease and massive fish kills in all culture situations. In recirculation systems, fish are greatly more crowded than in traditional aquaculture and water quality can quickly change for the worse. One way to minimize disease outbreaks is to disinfect the system water. This is commonly attempted using either UV light or ozone.The researchers found that (making visible the markings on both species), the Ambon would attack intruding brethren. But when the UV light was removed from the environment, the fish no longer went after one species more often than the other. To firm up the findings, the team trained the fish to swim toward a particular UV pattern among a variety printed on a white sheet of paper. The fish excelled at the task, demonstrating that it is not just the presence or absence of UV cues that the fish detect but rather that they can see details in this spectrum, too.