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Without aquarium decorations, your tank is just a bowl with fish in it. Decorations and backgrounds give it life and personality. With all the plants, rocks, and figurines to pick from, you can truly make your aquarium unique. If you are just starting out, you'll want to get a wide selection of unique items for your tank. Driftwood, plants, rocks, aquarium substrate, marbles, fish tank backgrounds and ornaments, Pet Mountain has everything you can think of for your aquarium. Some of the larger, saltwater or reef tanks have entire cities built at the bottom of their tanks! With the larger 100 gallon or bigger tanks, you can even put large rocks and coral in there to give it that ocean floor look.

For the brand new fish enthusiast, you can easily start small and just get a few plants and an ornament or two. Popular ones include the shipwreck and pirate with a pot of gold. Some people like to match the color of rock with the colors of the fish you have. There are all kinds of ideas you can use for your aquarium decorations. Whatever you're dreaming up, Pet Mountain can help you put it together.

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The death of the fish taps into fears raised by aquarium enthusiasts who claim that Animal Planet's "Tanked" and 's "Fishtank Kings" sacrifice fish in pursuit of dramatic TV. Endless discussions on Internet message boards criticize the shows for stocking aquariums too quickly with large, flashy fish in tanks that are not properly acclimated. Large marine fish tanks -- Crossword clue | Crossword Nexus
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Consider adding an aquarium to your interior design, because there are a few reasons why you really should have it in your home. A small tropical fish aquarium on a deck or a large glass fish tank on a stand, portable or built-in glass fish tanks and hanging on a wall aquariums that look like artworks bring unique details into modern interior design and create fabulous centerpieces for room decorating.Because of their small size and frequent lack of filtration, smallfish tanks and fish bowls require a great deal more maintenance than alarger fish tank that has a reasonable probability of becoming - andremaining - stable.Selecting a fish tank for your home decorating you want to find a functional and energy saving aquarium in a pleasing form. Unusual as well as a custom made aquariums make great home decorations and create stunning centerpieces that enhance modern interior design with original design, small or large size and unique shape. Tropical fish tanks can be round and rectangular, free shaped and oval. Small and large glass fish tanks make spectacular focal point for interior decorating, personalize your home decor and Feng Shui it for wealth.Siphoning is the easiest way to remove water from a tank. For largetanks, using a "water python" or other long hose allows one todispense with the bucket and siphon water directly into a drain oroutside garden. When removing water via siphoning, you should alsoclean or "vacuum" your gravel. Many "water changing" hoses areavailable at local fish stores include a gravel cleaningattachment. The basic idea behind them is to connect a wide-mouthedtube to the end of the siphon hose that you use to stir up the gravelwith. The gravel is too heavy to get sucked into the hose, butchurning up the gravel frees up detritus, which is light enough to besiphoned out. Note that the "dirty" water being removed from yourtank contains nitrates, which make an excellent fertilizer for yourflower or vegetable garden.