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Fish Tank Coffee Table - Awesome Stuff to Buy
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If you’re letting your fish stuff themselves to the gills and watching a lot of excess food fall to the floor of the tank or get sucked up by the filter, you are creating two great food sources for algae: fish waste, and waste from decaying fish food. Like plants, algae will thrive on these things.
Best Fish Tank Stuff for sale in Fort Lewis, Washington for 2017
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Fish aquariums and stuff is idaho’s largest retailer of fish and fish supplies. We specialize in both fresh and saltwater and have a wide variety of soft and hard corals. We have 100+ tanks and thousands of products from dozens of manufacturers. MUST TRY FISH TANK DIY: easy to make with simple stuff - YouTube
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Finally, make sure you don't overstuff the tank with decorations. This is one good reason a 5-gallon tank is a great size for a Betta fish, and 10-gallons is even better. Your Betta needs room to swim around.How can you get rid of algae growth when it overtakes your freshwater tank, or at least control it before the fish start to suffer? That green gunky stuff covers aquarium decorations, climbs the glass of the tank, and sometimes even gets on the aquarium inhabitants themselves.White fungus growing weird looking stuff forming in my tropical / freshwater fish tank. I don't know why this stuff is in my aquarium now, but I sure would like to find out how to get rid of it and stop it from coming back! Watch the video all the way through and let me know your thoughts and your suggestions on resolving the issue.

I have never had a water fungus thing like this happen before. Is it a water problem? A filter problem? Something to do with the aquarium filter media? Maybe even the fish? That said, all the fish seem to be doing totally fine and don't bother about this weird white fungus stuff at all, they don't eat it either.

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Google +1 (2): Wow! I finally got here. That is a great post and there is much to be learnt from the comments. Eileen you truly know your stuff. I have a question. I have a 200L (52 gallon?) planted fresh water tank with around 80 fish, the largest being 2 clown loach. When planting new cuttings and bunched plants could I use paper to help secure them under the substrate (provided its unbleached of course) as l my 2 loach have a habit of digging out any thing new I plant.