“: JUMPED IN THE BASS PRO SHOP FISH TANK! ”  show this to Brian
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They have an amazing native species tank that holds all kinds of massive tank monsters. We tour the huge aquarium fish tank setup they have which is absolutely stunning. Stocked with fish like walleye, bass, pike, and other species native to Canadian waters. It was a neat aquarium walk through and aquarium visit of this monster native species tank we hope you enjoy. Our Aquarium tour shows off the massive monster fish tank. This rivals a public aquarium tour. This large native aquarium featured on our Bass Pro shops fish tank tour is my new dream tank. This gorgeous monster aquarium is a true work of art. If you are ever in the area we highly recommend you take a Bass Pro Shops tour of your very own, it is worth the visit!
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Find everything you need to take care of your fish, pond, or aquarium. Every fish needs a tank to call home. Whether you’ve got a Betta or a blue tang, you can find the right tank and essentials to suit your pet’s needs. Tanks come in all shapes and sizes from the quarter-gallon acrylic desktop variety to the 75 gallon saltwater aquarium. The size of your tank depends on the type and quantity of fish you keep. Similarly, the accessories you need depend on the size of your tank and the type of fish you have. A wide selection of specialized equipment is available for freshwater or saltwater tanks including tank cleaning accessories, skimmers, salt mixes and reef lighting. All your fish’s must-haves in one easy-to-find spot – shop for all the fish supplies and accessories your pet needs. LMAO RT : JUMPED IN THE BASS PRO SHOP FISH TANK!
Photo provided by Flickr“: JUMPED IN THE BASS PRO SHOP FISH TANK! ” wow!
Photo provided by Flickr“: JUMPED IN THE BASS PRO SHOP FISH TANK! ” @coffeycakee  YESSSS
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Ifyou no longer want your fish and cannot find them a new home with afriend or an aquarium shop, take them to your local humane society. Infact, check with the local humane society first to see if anyone hasbrought in a tank of fish. You might adopt a few fish for your tank thisway – and save some lives too.Cleaning your fish tank is never a fun duty. It's messy, it's wet, and depending on how long it's been since you've last cleaned your fish tank, it's gross. However, you can avoid all these unfortunate fish tank cleaning side effects, but using a shop vac to remove your old water. It's simple, but there are a few specific guidelines you'll have to follow if you want this to be successful.Fish Store Tour of Petland | Aquarium Fish Tank Store Tour, Walk Through | Niagara Falls Areas Top Rated Fish Store | Aquarium Fish Store Shop Tour Petland St. Catharines , Ontario

Today Mike brings us on a tour of Niagara Falls area top rated fish store in St. Catharine's, Ontario. We give you a full guided walk through fish store tour of Petland, a local franchise here in Canada.

This particular location was recommended by several aquarists in the area and has outstanding online reviews so we figured we needed to see for ourselves. We hope you enjoy our aquarium store tour and visit of this interesting little location. They feature a wide variety of pets from aquatic to reptiles and more.

This aquarium shop carries a wide selection of community tropical fish. They have all kinds of tetras, mollies, platys, guppies, angels and all kinds of other little friendly community fish.

There os also a decent marine selection, featuring some of the most popular marine species in the hobby.

The collection is also complimented by several dwarf cichlids species and a few African cichlid and American Cichlid tanks. There are all kinds of rams and mini cichlid species in this store, showcasing several types of common and uncommon ram types.

They also have an assorted selection of African cichlids and have several varieties of mixed peacocks. There is also something for the American cichlid lovers out there as well with a few types of common South and Central Americans, like the Jack Dempsey, convict and Red Devil cichlids.

Though the cichlid selection is not huge, they do have a good variety offered. The staff is very friendly and attentive which makes for a great in store experience. Overall, I was not disappointed with our visit.


Petland Location:

318 Ontario St,
St. Catharines,
ON L2R 5L8


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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One thing that makes Bass Pro Shops stand out are the giant fish tanks in many of their locations. Real fish swim by while you pick out the hooks with which you will eventually snare them. (The symbolic “them.” They don’t let you actually fish in the fish tanks.)