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If a fish swims in the dark and no one can see it, is it really swimming? Well, yes, but why wouldn't you want the best light possible to see your fish swim in their aquarium -- day or night? That's where these LED light fixtures come in to play.

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One of the finest products we offer is . This lighting system features a double row of 6k LED Daylight bulbs and a single row of 60mw Blue LED's. These energy efficient bulbs provide a higher output than fluorescent bulbs and use less energy. By mimicking the underwater effect of sunlight and replicating lunar light in nighttime mode, this LED lighting system offers a great lighting solution for fish only marine tanks or freshwater low light planted tanks.

A great cost effective solution for LED lunar lighting is . These LED moonlights cast a moon glow over your aquarium and consumes less than 1 watt of power. This energy efficient light also stimulates spawning and acts as a great nighttime light for your aquarium.

is a versatile light that serves as both a daytime and nighttime light. With 42 white LED's, this bright shining fixture is also energy efficient and comes with rubber bumpers to minimize slippage on the canopy.

are another long-lasting LED lighting option that come in multiple colors to pick just the right ambiance for your little fishies.

are another sunlight replicating LED fixture that's both bright and efficient. The easy to install lighting system is also 100% water resistant.

If you're looking to light a reef aquarium, Marineland offers a unique fixture. This updated system offers twice as many LED's as their previous double bright lighting option. Equipped with an easy three-mode switch for all on, all off or lunar lights, this LED system is incredibly easy to use -- and effective.

No matter the size or style of your aquarium, there's an LED lighting system available for you at Pet Mountain -- all at our low-price guarantee.
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If you have decided that you are setting up a basic fish tank, probably freshwater, with nothing photosynthetic like live plants or corals, you’ll be looking for a simple lighting option. If your tank is fairly small and not very deep (18”-20” max), a standard output fluorescent fixture, or low output LED fixture will work well. These basic lights are available as stand-alone strips that can be used over a glass canopy, or as part of a complete aquarium hood. Some good examples of basic aquarium lighting are the Perfecto , and the and . If you have a deeper tank, you want a very brightly lit tank, or you may want to keep live plants or coral, you will want to move up to next level of lighting. These Coralife Aqualight T5 aquarium lighting fixtures use normal output T5 bulbs and are recommended for use with fish only tanks.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Coralife Aqualight Dual Linear Strip T5 Aquarium Lighting Fixture, 2X21 Watt 36 inch, is recommended for use with fish only tanks
Photo provided by FlickrFreshwater Aquarium Lighting Chart and Recommended Light Fixtures from the fish tank experts at That Fish Place - That Pet Place.
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You may also want to get an aquarium light timer. A light timer can help make running an aquarium that much more enjoyable because it's one less thing you have to mess with. Most higher end fish tank hoods and fixtures have multiple power cords that are tied into the multiple light sockets within the hood. This allows you to setup your timer to turn on the various lights at different times.Many small, beginner aquarium kits (for ten or fifteen gallon (about 39-60 liter) fish tanks) come with incandescent light fixtures tokeep the initial cost down. However, most aquarium owners quicklyreplace this type of light fixture with a fluorescent fixture. (So,you'll actually save money in electricity and equipment cost by buyingthe more expensive fluorescent light strip to begin with.)Unfortunately, incandescent light bulbs put out a lot of heat,making it more difficult to regulate the temperature in your fishtank. Also these lights use more power for the light they give offthan most other aquarium lighting, so you will have a higher powerbill using this type of fixture.There are many benefits that a fish keeper gets by using . One of the first things that people love and notice about using LED lights is that they are cost effective. The LED light fixtures don’t usually cost more than the traditional fluorescent lighting fixture, but the savings is significantly more, the electric consumption is minimal by comparison. Another benefit is that the “bulbs” last much longer than other systems used for aquarium lighting. Typically you canThe LED lighting systems are also adjusted very easily. Some models of LED aquarium lights are expandable and interchangeable so you can add lights, add different colors sometimes with a simple remote control. Place separate small lights in many different locations around the tank. Another great feature is that they are able to be dimmed. You can choose to have a bright day full of sunshine or even make it appear that the sun is going down and the moon is out still later on some higher end systems.Last but not least,