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Are Electric Ballast the same for T5, T6, T8 & T12 Lights? - Fish Tank
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Had a ballast in my fish tank lighting go out. Probably a very inexpensive one, but it seems I can't find any information on it. It has a black and white wire (power and neutral) and 2 blue and 2 red wires (to the leads on the bulb). Absent are the yellow wires I would normally expect to see. I think this is either a rapid-start ballast or a pre-heat ballast with an integrated starter (my first guess). I have replaced a fuse in it a few times, but it keeps blowing out which leads me to believe there is a bigger issue (I have thrown it away). SO, I want to replace it, but I can't find a similar part anywhere.
In my fish tank, I had previously been running with a very old light, whose ballast finally bit the dust
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However there is no way I could get electrocuted touching this fixture.. Its a plastic fixture not a metal one, and the ballast is encased in plastic. Its one of those old plastic hooded t8 fixtures you know when you first buy a fish tank. But trust me I will bolt it tightly tomorrow when I got to the hardware store. This isn't some metal casing fixture... even if I bolt the ballast to the fixture it wouldn't be grounded because its plastic.. That's why I have the ground wire DIRECTLY on the ballast itself.. I scraped the paint off and put it on the mounting holes on the ballast casing.. This will ground it right ?? But yea the actual light housing would never be charged since its all made of plastic. Items 1 - 14 of 14 - Need a ballast for your fish tank lighting? Our selection of Aquarium Ballasts includes devices from several of the industrys top brands!
Photo provided by FlickrLighting Accessories help simplify the use and maintenance of aquarium light fixtures
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Aquarium lights can be one of the most expensive elements of the planted tank. If you want cheap lights, you can build your own.


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DIY Cheap aquarium lighting. This is how I built a florescent canopy for my planted tank. The special clips and the ballast were pretty cheap. This was the first really badass lighting system that I built, and I used it for a very long time. I was able to cram a bunch of lights with this kinda setup. Here is a related video on building your own canopy for your fishtank:

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