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Some aquarium artists expend a lot of effort making every detail seem natural, like a landscape seen from far away. If fish weren’t swimming amongst the plants, it would be difficult to distinguish these fish tanks from an image of a tropical paradise.
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Many fish will swim very close to the face of an aquarium tank—so that they’re swimming mere inches away from the tank material. But, as I mentioned earlier, in order to get a reflection free image, you need to use a rubber lens hood pressed directly against the tank front. That means that the focusing distance can be mere inches, which means you will need to use a macro or . Fish Tank Images & Stock Pictures
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This video shows how to apply backing image to a fish tank.

1. Make sure your backing image is the same size (or larger, it can always bd trimmed) than your aquarium.
2. Prepare some cut sticky tape
3. Wipe the back of the aquarium down with a damp cloth, leave the glass damp.
4. Start at one side of the tank, align the backing so that it is parallel to the top of your tank, attach a small amount of tape to secure the edge.
5. Using your hands smooth the backing out across the aquarium ensuring that the top of the backing stays parallel with the top of the fish tank. This is where you will find that the damp glass helps make the backing stick.
6. Once the backing is on smooth out all of the bubbles using a ruler moving from one side to the other the top to bottom.
7. Secure the second edge with a piece of tape.
8. Using a Stanley knife, box cutter or scalpel, trim the backing so that no edges overlap the tank
9. Secure all edges of the backing image with tape.