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Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately in the article you link to there is a lot of incorrect information so I would really recommend reviewing that. Male bettas should NOT be kept with females as they really stress each other out, especially not in something as small as 15-20 gallons. You also recommend a 2.5 gallon tank with a divider, which is too small to begin with in my opinion and definitely absolutely too small to divide. There is already tons of bad information about betta fish out there so please don’t make that worse.
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Today (or in the next week) I'll be getting some cherry red shrimp from a friend. I have the perfect tank for them, however currently occupying the tank is a dwarf puffer. Obviously these 2 species will not mix (rather they will mix in the puffer's belly). I cannot justify another tank, and thought splitting my puffer tank (10 gallon) using a divider would work perfectly. I had a bad experience with a tank divider on my 20 gallon (the aggressive fish got to the other side), but think it was more an issue of installation since I didn't remove the substrate to get a good proper seal. Since this is my tank at work I only have a single puffer, which I know cannot be good for her due to lack of interesting things to do (no social behavior, etc.), but didn't want to deal with aggression issues which would likely happen when I'm not at work. This would seem to fix the boredom, while still keeping both safe. I would have to cut back on the 50% per week (likely 10-25% twice per week to avoid drastic changes which apparently are bad for shrimp), but everything else about the tank should be suitable for both species. fish tank dividers that fit a 40 gallon breeder $20 each
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Photo provided by FlickrWhile having a fish tank of 20 Gallon, dividing it with the help of a tank divider for keeping different species of fishes, helps you to make the best out of it.
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Lee’s AQ2 are well known for producing quality , and this fish tank divider is no exception. Designed for smaller aquariums and fish tanks, the recommended size of tank for this divider is 10 gallons. The divider is 10 inches by 12 inches, making it perfect for smaller fish tanks. With more than 20 five star reviews over on Amazon it’s obviously a good piece of equipment. Check it out on Amazon above.I divided my 20 gallon long fish tank because I love the idea of being able to have multiple types of fish together that might not normally be able to live together in a community tank. I found DIY ways to divide a tank which is what I have done. Each section is about 5 gallons for the fish. On the left side I have one dwarf puffer fish with some ghost shrimp. In the next one I have a male betta with some Amano shrimp. The third section has two marbled self cloning crayfish and some Amano shrimp. And the one on the right has two female bettas that I've had since they were labeled as a baby and one Otto catfish with some ghost shrimp. So far so good on all 4 sections!Just finished my new 20 gallon long betta tank my fish love their new home .....used a lot of Inspiration and purchased supplies especially the excellent quality tank dividers from lifewithpets YouTube channelHow to construct a betta tank divider can be found . Of course, the same principle applies to other species of fish. In a 20 gallon long, you can keep a crayfish on one side and endler live bearers on the other, without fear of the crayfish eating the fish.There are several ways to make this tank divider. One way is to make a one-sheet divider like the ones they sell in stores. I think the more space you put between the fish, the better. So I will go over what I did for my tank, making a double sheet betta divider. For a , you’ll only need two sheets. For a 10 gallon, you might still need two just in case. For a 20 gallon tall, you will need to buy at least one more sheet, two to be safe.With a 20 Gallon fish tank, you can really experiment an array of things. From making it a hospital tank to breed livebearers in it, you can accomplish all including dividing it to two keep different species. So, in case you are still overthinking on the buying decision, just don’t, instead experience that plethora of opportunities.