Cleaning fish tank supplies with bleach

Gather up all the supplies you are going to need to clean the fish tank. This will likely include:
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Fish Tank Cleaning Supplies
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The first order of business is to clean the inside glass of your fish tank. You'll need your algae pad and an algae scraper. You can find these items at most aquarium supply stores. Do not use your aquarium cleaning supplies for any other tasks. Any soap or detergent that is on your pad or scraper could kill the fish in the tank. With the pad in hand, scrub the algae off the inside of the glass (you can buy long-handled scrubbers too if you don't want to put your hands in the water). If any of the algae is stubborn and won't come loose, use your plastic blade. Many aquarium tanks are made from acrylic, so the plastic razor or knife won't leave score marks in the glass. Fish Tank Cleaning Supplies
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Photo provided by FlickrFish Tank Cleaning Supplies
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Cleaning and maintaining a fish aquarium can take a lot of time and work. But it doesn't have to. With the right supplies keeping up with tank can be a breeze. Keep your aquarium looking brand new with little effort with our top choice products.Cleaning and maintaining a fish aquarium can take a lot of time and work. But it doesn't have to. With the right supplies keeping up with tank can be a breeze. Keep your aquarium looking brand new with little effort with our top choice products.Again, it’s important to note that any cleaning solution you use on the inside or outside of your fish tank could be harmful to your fish and other inhabitants. The fix? Don’t use a cleaning solution! This will save you some time and effort, and most of the soil on the glass inside the tank should come off with an algae scraper, which you can find at a pet supply or aquarium supply store fairly easily. (If this doesn’t work, try a razor blade). To scrub the outside of the tank, including the lid, base and light, you can use a rag or sponge with water only, or you can buy a special fish-safe solution that is made for cleaning aquariums. Again, head to the pet supply store.Water is like air in the fish world so it’s no wonder that it carries so much weight and importance. In nature, water is cleansed through a continuous cycle of movement and property changes that allow impurities to be removed and water supplies to be replenished. However, in , , 50 gallon tanks or even 125 gallon tanks, there simply is not enough space for nature to take its course. Therefore, changing the water of your aquarium on a consistent basis is absolutely key to sustaining a balanced and clean environment.