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With the right feeder, not only will it automatically feed the fish but will do it in the right manner. It is easily programmed to suit different varieties or breeds, very portable, and can work with different fish tanks or even ponds.
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The top position is occupied by this auto fish feeder by Eheim. Designed to work with different aquariums, tanks, and ponds, this battery-operated unit is ideal for everyday use even while you are away. The single feeder is well designed to ensure the fish get the right amount of food within the stipulated times. Fish Tank, 2 Month Automatic Fish Food Feeder, Organic Pet World Fish Obsession
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Feeding your fish in the right and timely manner is what this auto feeder seeks to achieve. Measuring 4.3 inches/11cm high and 3.9inch/10cm long, this unit is suitable for both small and big tanks. It comes with an automatic drum measuring 1.1 inch/2.17cm high and 2.6 inches/6.5 cm in diameter.ADA automatic fish feeder is very simple and easy to use. It offers you two modes. The first is an “Auto” mode which will automatically release food into your fish tank when feedings arrive. The second option is a “Manual” mode. This mode allows you to feed your fish manually. Every time you press the manual button, the feeding will run once.This auto fish feeder is ideal for fish tanks, aquariums as well as ponds. It comes in the patented design that ensures proper mixing of the food, proper crumbling but ensures no moisture finds its way into the food. This prevents damage to the mechanism and also prevents contamination.Knowing exactly why you need an automatic fish feeder will lead you quickly to a small number of options off our list, and the parameters of your tank or pond should get you even closer to a choice. Until you're in the thick of it, you can't know what you can and cannot trust yourself to remember. That's why having a system that will automatically feed your fish is so crucial, especially to new tank owners or to folks who like to jet-set around the globe and can't be home to distribute the flakes. Featuring both manual and automatic operations, KLAREN Digital Automatic Feeder is another wonderful choice. It installs and operates easily. Its mini size and compact design are ideal for saving space. The feeder is ideal for feeding fish in aquarium, pond or tank. It allows a maximum of four feedings per day. You can control the amount of food dispensed per rotation by adjusting the slider.The Amicc Aquarium Automatic Fish Food Tank Feeder can only be used with dry fish food. This means you should install it high above the fish tank to avoid dampening the food. If the LCD display indicates “Lo”, it means the AAA batteries need replacement, which you should do within 3 days. Failure to replace the batteries means all the settings you have made become invalid.Watch more How to Take Care of an Aquarium videos:

Mechanically, automatic feeders should last as long as the batteries last. I've seen automatic feeders that are well built that last for 10, 15 years. It's more, can the fish survive just being fed via an automatic feeder. You have to have the feeder always working. I find when people rely on automatic feeders, they get very lazy and it just causes people to neglect their aquariums. Part of what keeps people interested in the aquariums is the daily interaction, which is mainly the feeding of their fish. When you put food in the tank and the fish eat it, it's enhancing the bond that you have. So for that reason alone, I don't recommend automatic fish feeders.

However, if you're very busy and you want to put an automatic feeder on the tank, don't forget about it. It's going to run out of food after about two or three weeks and you're going to need to restock it. Even forgetting for a week is going to be a problem because those fish really rely on the feeders.

Another problem with automatic feeders is they drop the water. Most foods float, so when they drop the water on the surface of the tank, it has a tendency to deliver the food into the overflow box where it goes right into the filter, bypassing the tank itself and not really benefiting the fish. So make sure that the types of food that you use doesn't get sucked into the filter. You want to use a sinking pellet. And try to vary the diet. Take two or three different types of food, mix them in a container, then put those into the automatic feeder.

But I only like to use feeders when in a bind or when going on vacation. You really want to feed your fish every day, manually. It's also a good way to spot problems, see if the fish are not eating or if they are eating. So for all those reasons, I'm kind of against automatic feeders.