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- In 2003, That Pet Place celebrated 30 years in the pet and fish supply industry. With all that experience and expertise, they have truly become a leader in aquarium supplies. And, with over 5,000 different items in stock, you're sure to find everything for your aquarium.
Really nice guys! Always have a stock of healthy fish! Chris is a Super cool guy with alot of aquarium knowledge!
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Alaska Ship Supply has been proudly serving the community and the fishing fleet of Dutch Harbor since 1986. We operate two stores, including our brand new flag ship and our . Wonderful store, friendly staff, super viriety of fresh and salltwater fish. thanks for shipping tank to my daughter.
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CTE Aquatics is a Full-Line Tropical Fish Store selling Freshwater Fish & Plants, Saltwater Fish, Corals, Invertebrates, live and frozen foods and much more! CTE Aquatics is also a Company offering Design, Installation & Routine Maintenance Services. Come visit Baltimore's Best Tropical Fish Store and support one of the last remaining aquarium stores in Baltimore! This small shop is big on service. Just For Pets offers an aquarium maintenance contract with the purchase of aquarium, filters, decorations and livestock. The shop offers a full line of fish supplies including food and aquarium heaters. The shop also carries a selection of freshwater fish and marine corals. Visit the page of the store’s website for a listing of the latest livestock additions.The Fish Place has onsite tanks that range from 10 to 200 gallons – ready for home delivery and set-up. With more than 250 varieties of freshwater fish and invertebrates, The Fish Place has one of the largest selections of aquarium life in the metroplex. Weekly, the store receives a selection of saltwater aquatic life that can include unusual invertebrates, reef fish and corals. Beginner and expert aquatic hobbyists will love the wide selection of salt water and fresh fish and supplies available to create a long lasting aquatic environment.This family owned and operated emporium has been in business since 1959 and welcomes with its friendly, knowledgeable staff. Stock include a good selection of both fresh and saltwater fish, aquariums and aquarium supplies and pond kits and pond supplies. Fish can range in pricing from $2 for tetras up to around $100 for rarer or exotic species. Tank prices run the gamut from $12.99 for a simple, small system, upward to several thousand dollars for custom-ordered systems.We feature a full supply of , top quality fruits, vegetables and meat. We also offer , , fishing gear, , bait, crew supplies, sea store cigarettes and . We pride our self in providing our community with top quality and friendly service. Ships cook needs a ride? Give us a call!Siamese fighting fish, who are often sold as “decorations” or party favors, are fighting for their lives as their popularity grows. Pet shops, discount superstores, florists, and even online catalogs sell Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) in tiny cups or flower vases to consumers who are often uneducated about proper betta care. These tiny containers are not suitable for any fish.