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Fish prices for over 50 Alaska species
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Fishermen often suspect processors when ex-vessel prices are too low relative to the retail price, but comparisons of ex-vessel prices to wholesale prices indicate processors lowered their wholesale prices
Fish prices provided by ADF&G, Dept. of Revenue
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All of a sudden, bluefin was one of the most sought-after fish not only by Japanese fishermen but also by American and Canadian ones. According to the , between 1970 and 1990 fishing for bluefin in the Western Atlantic increased by more than 2,000 percent. The average price paid to Atlantic fishermen for bluefin exported to Japan . And it was mostly Even today, a bluefin will be shipped off to Tokyo before ending up on sushi plates somewhere else. The same holds true for quota prices in the Central Gulf, Alaska’s largest halibut fishing hole.
Photo provided by FlickrBad news for salmon lovers: the price of the popular fish is going up.
Photo provided by FlickrThe same holds true for quota prices in the Central Gulf, Alaska’s largest halibut fishing hole.
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It’s the umpteenth example of all roads leading back to China: Rising demand for seafood in China, coupled with dwindling global fish supplies, is pushing global fish prices to all-time highs. The United Nations , which tracks the cost of seafood, (paywall), compared to the same month a year ago. The index surpassed its earlier peak in 2011, according to a report released this month:China is a net exporter of fish and fishery products. But as middle-class incomes rise in the country, more people are eating fish. Chinese demand for oyster and mussels, for example, is growing as much as 20% a year, the UN said. Oyster prices have more than doubled over the past three years and would likely “remain strong” this year, according to the report. Tuna prices have also grown 12% this year.Demand from emerging markets like China, smaller catches, diseases affecting fish, and higher fish food prices were (pdf, p.44), the report said.We offer completely transparent pricing – all of our wholesale fish clients have access to the same amazing product at the same low wholesale fish prices and wholesale seafood prices. Prices are subject to change without noticeIf you are interested in purchasing the best seafood and fish product available, please review the wholesale fish prices sheet below. Although Chinatown store owners get most of their fish from the Fulton Fish Market like buyers at the rest of the shops and markets in the city (the live fish come from independent local fishermen), they say they have to keep the prices down because of tough competition and the fact that most of their customers -- blue-collar workers -- simply cannot pay more. They make their profit on volume.