The nylon pond netting can prevent fish from jumping out.

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Many inexperienced pond owners are unfamiliar with fall netting. During fall, the leaves will begin falling from the trees, and will land in your pond. Fall netting is primarily used to keep the leaves out of the water, but can also give the fish protection against predators. New pond owners often wonder what all the fuss is about when it comes to fall netting, but the procedure is done for many important reasons.
Pond Cover Netting, Fish/Skimming Nets
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Mike we have a pond in our back yard that is about 1/4 acre and have never really tried to keep fish in it, but we do have quite a lot of bullfrogs which I treasure as much as I would fish. Over the last 15 or so years we have always had an issue with the Herons, both green and blue cleaning out our frog population, (aprox 500 to 1000) with in two or three days. We had a pair of wood ducks visit the pond about 5 years ago and they apparently brought a little bit of duck weed with them. Within a couple of weeks almost the entire pond was covered with duckweed. We have river rocks around the outside of the pond and it makes it difficult for the Heron to walk on so they walk in the water. As long as we had the duck weed we had plenty of frogs and the Heron stayed away. The trick was when he moved in the water, even as slow as they move the duck weed worked like a big screen net that moved when he moved making his presence known to the frogs. We have since removed the duck weed and have stocked the pond with fish just a couple of weeks ago. The Heron has already cleaned out the first bloom of frogs but there are thousand of tad poles with legs soon to be frogs. I am going to try putting netting in the water just around the edge of the pond to see if it will work like the duck weed did. I will keep you updated as to how it works. Gary Knotted Pond Netting Is Covering A Water Garden With Several Plants On The Bank And Fishes
Photo provided by FlickrKnitted pond netting with widen edge and brass grommets is widely used in the water gardens and fish pond to protect the fishes from predators.
Photo provided by FlickrIdeal for keeping fish in and predators out. Keeps debris from entering the pond. Reusable netting is easy to install and resists tearing
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Pond netting is a multi-purpose netting. It can protect the valuable goldfishes, koi and other water lives from predators. The shade cloth can help to resist the burn sunlight and protect the plants in the water. Besides, it can prevent the leaves and debris from falling into the water to pollute the quality of water. Additional, it can also be used as the child safety nets to protect the safe of children and pets.
This pond netting comes with placement stakes. It measures 15 by 12 feet. Do you keep fishes in the pond? If so, this pond netting will provide adequate protection against predators like cats, birds, and raccoons. This is important if you are keeping expensive fishes like koi.Fish pond netting is an essential part of many successful fish ponds. It can protect your fish from predators and keep them safe and alive. Netting can also keep debris and foreign objects from falling into your pond.

Netting and Predators

Fish pond netting has a variety of benefits. If your pond is plagued by predators that are constantly stealing your fish, netting can help protect them. The types of predators that are attracted to fish vary in different regions. You may have more or less problems with predators than people who live in a different region. However, if you are trying to make your pond successful, one predator can be one too many. Fish pond netting does not allow the predators to get to the fish. It prevents them from being able to reach into the water and snag the fish.

Pond Debris Prevention

Fish pond netting is also very effective at keeping leaves and other debris out of your pond. You may find that you have to clean your pond less often if you are using netting. Your fish will also be healthier and happier without a lot of foreign objects cluttering the pond. There is also less risk of fish becoming sick as a result of eating foreign materials that are not meant to be in the pond.Nylon pond netting is suitable for all ponds, ideal for keeping fish in the water and leaves, debris and predators out. The nylon pond netting is fine enough to prevent pine needles entering the pond while still allowing light through and air to circulate. The nylon pond netting is more stable and durable than the plastic pond netting. it can be divided into and woven nylon mesh. There are several common size of nylon pond netting, it also can be cut and will not unravel.