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Here are the replacement parts for The Pond Guy ® Growth & Vibrance Fish Food.
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Some folks make their own koi food from a variety of food stuffs and table scraps. Recipes can frequently be found in KOI USA and The Goldfish Report. If you have a small collection of pond fish, this may be a fun and interesting area to explore.
Here are the replacement parts for The Pond Guy® Game Fish Grower Fish Food.
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A well-managed pond, covering half a surface acre up to three acres, can grow and maintain 200-to-300 pounds of channel cat or trout along with 200-to-300 pounds of forage fish, per surface acre. That's with an abundant supply of bluegill and other forage species. But, if you were to add high-protein fish food, the same pond can easily double that production. Learn more about The Pond Guy® Game Fish Grower Fish Food in this informational video.
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Photo provided by FlickrHere are the replacement parts for TetraPond® Variety Blend Fish Food.
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Pond fish food can be very expensive. As a result, many people have started making their own fish food. Doing this is often less expensive than using traditional pond fish food. Home-made fish food can also produce many health benefits that do not result from traditional market fish foods.

Fish Food Basics

Making home-made food for your pond fish is fairly easy to do. The process does not require special skills or an overwhelming amount of work. It is simply a matter of knowing what you need to make the food and how to go about doing it.

Preparing Your Own Fish Food

When you make homemade fish food, you will first need to gather the proper ingredients. This will ensure that you make the most nutritious food possible for your fish. A mixture of ton, shrimp, spinach, clams, and creel is most often used for feeding fish. Mix these ingredients and freeze them in an ice cube tray. As a result, you have blocks of food that are ready for your fish. When it is time to feed your pond fish, take a frozen cube out of the tray and drop it into the pond. Your fish will be happy and healthy, and you will reap the financial savings that come with this homemade alternative to traditional pond fish food.
Specific protein: Our unique manufacturing process delivers protein bound amino acids to the fish which are highly utilized to help with enhanced growth, and reduced waste.
Immune Support: Specific ingredients such as garlic, vitamins, anti-oxidants and Bio-Mos® an advanced prebiotic yeast, have been selected to help enhance fish performance, fish health, well-being and longer life.
100% complete and Balanced nutrition supplemented with polychaete worms to increase palatability, pea protein to improve digestibility, and marigold to provide natural carotenoids to bring out the vibrant colors of your fish. API pond food contains no artificial colors.