Q: How do I get rid of algae in my fish tank?

The 15 most beautiful aquarium fish in the world Infographic ~ Salt water tanks.
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You should cycle your fish tank with a small number of fish. Theyshould be hearty fish and a variety of fish that you want to have inyour fish tank in the long run. Do not cycle your tank withlots of . Do not cycleyour tank with any goldfish unless you intend to keepgoldfish. Unfortunately many pet shops still suggestthis. If you want to know why, you could review my .
PS. you let the tank filter and run for a while before you put the fish back in
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Why not breed the saltwater fish on farms everywhere? Most fish in freshwater tanks—which are much more common, less expensive and easier to maintain—are indeed farm-raised. But breeding saltwater fish in an industrial aquaculture facility requires re-creating the coral reef ecosystem, a technology that is just moving out of its infancy. Before you purchase a fish tank, consider size, maintenance and the price of owning an aquarium.
Photo provided by FlickrBeyond the basic steps required to clean a fish tank, consider the following tips:
Photo provided by FlickrSolution: There are 12 fish. If 3 fish are put in each tank there will be 4 tanks.
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The catfish species listed here are some of the most popular among hobbyists. These catfish usually are purchased to perform some sort of function in terms of fish tank maintenance. For example, these fishes are known for their scavenging abilities but they too need their own foods just like the rest of the fish in your tank.There really is a reason that I harp on about not letting the petstore's water into your tank. The pet store has a lot of fish comingin and going out, and can easily get a in the water that is just waiting fora stressed out fish to attack. By keeping as little of the store'swater from mixing with yours, you minimize the chances of your fishcatching one of these diseases. The fewer diseases you get in yourtank, the less money you spend on .When you buy new fish at your local , they may or may not tell you how to introduce your newfriends to your fish tank. There are several steps that you can taketo help insure your new fish's health and make the transition to thenew fish tank less stressful for your new fish. Fortunately,alleviating - or eliminating - this stress to your new fish when youintroduce him to your fish tank is quite simple.Because of their small size and frequent lack of filtration, smallfish tanks and fish bowls require a great deal more maintenance than alarger fish tank that has a reasonable probability of becoming - andremaining - stable.If your fish tank is either under ten gallons in totalcapacity or is not filtered, it is a small tank or bowl andshould only be considered by experienced aquarium keepers whounderstand the drawbacks and disadvantages of such an environment forpet fish, and are willing to take on the extra challenge and additionalmaintenance required for these small aquariums.For all of you who have asked about cleaning ... Cleaning your aquarium is a simpleand straight forward task, and should not take very long (Unless you havea particularly , in whichcase care can be quite cumbersome and time consuming). The better careyou provide for your , the healthier yourfish will be, the nicer your tank will look and the easier your tankwill be to care for in the future.