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Performing regular Aquarium Water Changes is vital for a SUCCESSFUL tropical fish tank.
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You can re-home the goldfish, do another water change and let the tank stabilize for a couple of weeks, then add a few more tropical fish. If you like the guppies you can have 3-4 more of those little guys.
the bacteria, and the tropical fish — not a recipe for a healthy tank.
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In 1832, , a pioneering French marine biologist, became the first person to create aquaria for experimenting with aquatic organisms. In 1836, soon after his invention of the , Dr. proposed to use his tanks for tropical animals. In 1841 he did so, though only with aquatic plants and toy fish. However, he soon housed real animals. In 1838, noted owning a , though he did not use the term. In 1846, maintained and for almost three years, and was credited as the creator of the first balanced marine aquarium in London. English chemist experimented with a 13-gallon container, which contained goldfish, , and , creating one of the first stable aquaria. The aquarium principle was fully developed by Warington, explaining that plants added to water in a container would give off enough oxygen to support animals, so long as their numbers do not grow too large. He published his findings in 1850 in the . Information to help you have success keeping tropical fish including setting up a fish tank
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Photo provided by FlickrPerforming regular Aquarium Water Changes is vital for a SUCCESSFUL tropical fish tank
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FishLore provides aquarium fish tank information for tropical fish hobbyists, covering both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. We present aquarium fish tank information in an easy to understand way so that more can enjoy our wonderful hobby! Consider joining us on the forum where you will find people that like to talk about fish tanks as much as you!What should the fish tank temperature be set at?
The aquarium water temperature depends on the fish species in question. Different species require different temperatures. Generally speaking, for tropical fish a good temperature range would be anywhere from 72 °F to 78 °F (22 °C to 26 °C);. Research the fish you're interested in keeping before buying since some have different temperature requirements. For instance, the freshwater requires higher temperatures than most tropicals.How many tropical fish can I have?
The often stated general rule of thumb (don't stock your tank using this rule!) is 1 inch of fish per gallon of water. Remember to use the future adult size of your fish when computing the total inches of fish you can have. This rule is pretty silly if you think about it though. Do you think a 20 inch fish would be comfortable in a 20 gallon tank? A better rule would be 1 inch of fish per 2 or 3 gallons of water. Avoid the temptation to overcrowd your tank. If you do overcrowd the tank you will need to perform more often and you risk the health of the fish you are keeping!But setting up a fish tank is not as simpleas buying a tank and filling it with water and fish. Fish are not “easy”pets to care for. Their water must be kept very clean and often at a certaintemperature, just to keep the fish alive. For example, goldfish are happy in awide range of water temperatures – sometimes downright chilling, but Africanand South American fish come from tropical climates and require constant watertemperatures ranging from 70 to 78 degrees, which is higher than normal roomtemperature.However, many do start with just a small fish tank, so we want to give you a list of items to use with your small aquarium so that you can increase your chances for success in tropical fishkeeping. If you need help with setting up your new tank, check out the page.
Wash out your tank with water only! Do not use soap or detergents. Soap residue left behind will be harmful for your tropical fish. If you are going to use an under gravel filter (not recommended) now would be the time to set it up as well.