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 Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish Breed Bites Dog Food
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Here's how we used to mix our discus fish food. We'd put all the ingredients of a small batch together. We'd then shovel, rake and hoe the ingredients together until it look mixed. Then we'd grind up the discus food mixture again.
Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish Dog Food
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A by product of corn processing containing "medium levels" of protein. Also used as a herbicide. Corn Gluten is used in fish foods as a low cost alternative to increase the protein content of the food. Digestibility is questionable. Not a preferred ingredient. A by-product of the wheat industry. Basically floor sweepings. Used in fish foods as a filler. Not a preferred ingredient.
Photo provided by FlickrA custom designed fish food line with unique highly digestible ingredients developed by Fish Food guru Clay Neighbors
Photo provided by FlickrA by-product of the wheat industry. Basically floor sweepings. Used in fish foods as a filler. Not a preferred ingredient.
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We believe in using only 100% natural ingredients to give your fish the best possible food. Our food is made daily using NO preservatives guaranteeing the food you buy is always fresh. Bestflake brand Fishfood has always and will always be proudly manufactured in the USA using ingredients that are grown and processed in the USA.First, look at the ingredients on the label of the fish food you currently use. In many cases, the first several ingredients are "meals" and/or "fillers" of some type. That is NOT the case with "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Foods". Let me open your eyes a little as to what "meals" are. Most of the "meals" that other manufacturers use are processed fish, shrimp, etc., that are ground up, dried into a powder and then put into dry storage on warehouse shelves for anywhere from a couple months to over a year before tropical fish food manufacturers order it to be mixed in with their foods. A lot of preservatives are added to survive the possible long shelf life. During this process much of the natural highly unsaturated fatty acids and natural proteins have been compromised and in fact, mostly lost. Once it is ordered and mixed into the manufacturer's other ingredients, additional preservatives are added to insure it doesn't go bad in their warehouse while they wait for your local store to order it. Once in your local store, it sits on the shelf waiting for you to purchase it. Pretty interesting, isn't it??There are a couple major and very important factors to remember about the "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" before I actually get into the ingredients.Because the "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Foods" are processed immediately upon the arrival of the fresh human consumption grade food ingredients, it pretty much sticks together by itself. It's real food, just as if you were cooking fresh food at home rather then "meal" powders. Think about the following for a minute. Which do you think has far more natural proteins - a freshly caught fish you just cooked and put on a dinner plate OR a fish that has been processed and turned into powder, had preservatives added, stored in dry storage on a shelf for months, was reprocessed with many starches and other ingredients, had more preservatives added, sat around for a few more months in dry storage and then put onto your dinner plate. Doesn't the second scenario just described sound delicious and healthy??Secondly, "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" does not contain lots of starches (another form of filler) as many other types of tropical fish foods do. Many tropical fish food makers must use starches to make the "meals" they add bind or stick together with the other ingredients they use. Many tropical fish foods you purchase have a very high content of starches - some as much as 50% - rice, flour, potatoes, etc., to hold all of the ingredients together.So the bottom line is that all of my foods are basically made from 4 ingredients - seafood-1, seafood-2, greens and vitamins. There are a couple of obvious exceptions, and I'm sure those will jump right out at you - for example, freeze dried blood worms and my newly announced "Breeders Delight Fish Foods" of earthworm flakes, beefheart flakes, etc.