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Hikari is a line of specialty fish food brand manufactured by Kyorin Food Industries, Ltd. in .
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San Francisco Bay Brand® all natural frozen and freeze dried fish foods provide superior nutrition and are famous for their purity and nutrient-rich natural ingredients.
Unfortunately many if not MOST of the major fish food brands use this poor source of nutrition rather than the vastly superior whole fish meal.
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No matter which brand of goldfish food you buy, not one of them will have all of the vitamins and minerals your goldfish need to thrive. Yes, some brands are more nutritious than others, but no brand will fulfill all of your goldfish’s needs at once. There are so many different brands of goldfish food on the market, ranging from cans of dry food to packages of freeze-dried blood worms.
Photo provided by FlickrA custom designed fish food line with unique highly digestible ingredients developed by Fish Food guru Clay Neighbors
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Well, thankfully, it is not hard. We have so many very high quality flake foods and freeze-dried foods that fish can be adequately nourished with very little fuss and bother. You may read articles where it is stated categorically that flake foods do not make an adequate diet for any fish, but this assertion has long been disproved by the hordes of aquarists that feed flake foods exclusively, and still maintain colorful, breeding, vibrant fishes. So why not end this article here? Well, it's not that simple. Just because most aquarium fish will thrive on a good flake food, that doesn't mean they all will and it certainly doesn't mean that all flake foods are good. And of course, flake food is boring. Boring for you to feed, and probably boring for the fish to eat. Boring. This is a hobby right? It's supposed to be fun, right? Well why not get some fun out of meal times then? So I'll talk about live and homemade foods too.Thats what I feed, as you see no true loyalty to one brand. There are benefits and drawbacks to each brand's type of fish food you just have to find the best option for you and your fish. Variety IMO is one fish food is going to deliver all of the nutrition your fish need. Also dont be afraid to go to your grocer and spice up their life with fresh fruits veggies and seafood. Food soaks are also wonderful; I juse Garlic Guard, Nourish, and Selcon. :22:Wardley is the least expensive of the recommended brands and is also available in bulk, but the Wardley brand name lacks the range of "specialty flakes" that Aquarian and Tetra offer. As far as these specialty flakes go, the only one I have any use for are the "green" flakes that are high in vegetable matter. Most of these vegetable flakes contain Spirulina, which is a photosynthetic cyanobacterium (so Spirulina is not an alga as is generally assumed). Spirulina is quite high in protein and a great source of many amino acids that are otherwise difficult to acquire. Health food stores are full of the stuff. Spirulina flakes are just what you need for mollies and a host of other vegetarian fishes. Aquarian and Tetra also offer Spirulina enriched wafers that sink, which are very good for algae-eating bottom feeders like plecos.Isn’t it weird that while you’re sitting down drinking a Dr. Pepper and eating a slice of cheese pizza you’re trying to determine the absolute healthiest food to feed your fish? Many fish-keepers obsess over what they need to feed their fish. In this article we will discuss the best brands of food, which types of food to feed to different fish and also brands to avoid. This will only discuss pellets, flakes and freeze-dried foods. Not every single brand will be listed so if you have a specific question, feel free to